MTG Preview Stream Debuts New Sets, Dominaria United, Compleation

Wizards of the Coast showcased the future of MTG in their annual preview stream with announcements of Universes Beyond products, a five-set Phyrexian arc and some brand-new Dominaria United spoilers.

First, Wizards revealed some more information on the upcoming Universes Beyond, featuring Lord of the Rings, Warhammer 40,000 and even Doctor Who. Lord of the Rings now has a titled set, Tales of Middle Earth, which will feature iconic characters such as Gandalf, Frodo and the Balrog. Additionally, it’ll be accompanied by an Alchemy set, similar to Battle for Baldur’s Gate.

Warhammer 40,000 fans can expect more news on September 12, with the Secret Lair coming on October 17. No new cards were shown, but exclusive Sol Ring treatments for each Commander deck fitting their faction were debuted.

Wrapping up Universes Beyond, Doctor Who will also be joining the roster with Commander decks, with some new art showing the Doctors throughout the ages.



Coming in the future as well are numerous new draft sets and main sets. Dominaria Remastered is a “Masters” set featuring cards from across Dominaria-based sets. This ranges from anything from Alpha to Scourge, including the new (and old) Dominaria sets. All cards will be reprints, and Force of Will and Arboria were two of the big reprints revealed.

The set schedule for MTG was also released, unveiling a new five-set Phyrexian arc. From Dominaria United, there will first be Brothers’ War, then Phyrexia: All Will Be OneMarch of the Machine and finally March of the Machine: The Aftermath. After the Phyrexian arc, MTG will return to some classic planes, with Wilds of Eldraine returning to storybook fantasy and The Lost Caverns of Ixalan bringing back a prehistoric treatment. Seems like a good time for a certain three-mana planeswalker to return to Standard…

That three-mana planeswalker is Liliana of the Veil! Last seen in the original Innistrad Standard format, Liliana’s most powerful form will be menacing midrange games once more. Expect plenty of Reid Duke content based on her!

Old legends with a new treatment will also be coming to Dominaria United. The Raven Man, aka Lim-Dul, will finally get a card, as will Squee as Squee, Dubious Monarch. Jhoira will return with her artifice in Jhoira, Ageless Innovator, Zur will lean on enchantments with Zur, Eternal Schemer and Sol’Kanar aims to bring back the Demonic Pact fun with Sol’Kanar the Tainted. Rounding them out is a return (of sorts) of an old foe of the Phyrexians, as Lord Windgrace is reawakened as Soul of Windgrace and one of Gerrard Capashen’s inheritors in Raff, Weatherlight Stalwart.

While Liliana of the Veil is certainly a reprint of note, major news comes in the reprinting of six “painlands.” As Arne Huschenbeth and Martin Juza note, mana bases are getting a significant downgrade with rotation, so these untapped duals should be a welcome inclusion.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Phyrexian set without a Praetor returning. We’ve seen Vorinclex, Jin-Gitaxis and Urabrask come back, and now it’s time for Sheoldred to be reanimated once more as Sheoldred, the Apocalypse.

For mechanics, two will be returning to Dominaria United and two will be new. For the old mechanics, domain is coming back, rewarding players for diverse land bases, notably with basic land types. Additionally, kicker is back, previous revealed in Temporal Firestorm but now showcased on Archangel of Wrath as well. Degavolver anyone?

Two new mechanics are also coming in Dominaria United: read ahead and enlist. Read ahead is exclusive to Sagas, which are also returning, and allow players to start on any chapter they wish. For example, you can use The Phasing of Zhalfir to phase out yours (or opposing) creatures to get the most value from this pseudo-board wipe, or skip straight to the end and swap everything with 2/2 Zombies.

Enlist is sort of a combination of banding and exalted. When a creature with enlist attacks, you can tap another creature that’s not summoning sick or attacking to add its power to its own. Guardian of Benalia showcases this feature, gaining additional benefits from enlisting as well.

Not featured on the stream but a new style of mechanic coming to MTG is stun counters as well. These work similar to “chill” cards, such as Chill of the Grave and Creeping Chill, but instead codify it into a counter that’s removed. Impede Momentum represents this in a similar fashion.

New Commander decks, as well as some new takes on old Legends cards, were showcased as well, starting with a five-color Commander deck and a Mardu one as well. Heading the five-color list is Jared Carthalion as a planeswalker where colors matter who also marks the return of Kavu! Alongside him is Dihada, Binder of Wills, swapping to Mardu from her Grixis debut in Modern Horizons 2. As for old legends returning, Stangg and Sivitri are redone in the box toppers as Stangg, Echo Warrior and Sivitri, Dragon Master, both not Standard-legal.

Wizards compleated the stream with one more preview, and it’s not one to sleep on. It seems that Tamiyo isn’t the only Phyrexianized planeswalker in their arsenal, as Ajani turns traitor in Ajani, Sleeper Agent, featuring the return of the “compleated” mechanic.

There’s a lot of exciting products coming to Magic in the future, as well as the start of a huge Phyrexian arc and some sweet new spoilers in Dominaria United. Let us know in the comments what you’re excited for!


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