MTG Pioneer Gruul Embercleave with ONE

We should expect major shakeups to the Pioneer format, with two big events scheduled for this month. The first is the Pioneer Pro Tour in Philadelphia, where the best players in the world will be striving to out-think and out-innovate one another. The second is the release of Phyrexia: All Will Be One, which should bring plenty of weapons to both new and existing Pioneer strategies. 

So the question remains: Do you want to get shaken yourself, or do you want to be the one doing the shaking?

Today I’m going to give you a very new take on a popular color combination. I believe this archetype has hidden potential already. More importantly, it’s going to be supercharged by a handful of key printings in the new set. I give you: Gruul Embercleave.

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4 thoughts on “MTG Pioneer Gruul Embercleave with ONE”

  1. Any particular reason for Evolving Adaptive over Experiment One? Seems like it should have the same Pelt Collector advantage of triggering off Kari Zev, but with the upside off regenerating too.

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