MTG Dominaria United Alternative Precon Commander: Jenson

Jenson Carthalion, Druid Exile

The preconstructed Commander decks for Dominaria United, whose complete decklists can be found here, are packed with a lot of value, I would even dare to say more so than the last few Commander releases. The five-color commander deck helmed by Jared Carthalion, aptly named Painbow, is great out of the box, but in many respects the decks alternative commander is actually better than the planeswalker: Jenson Carthalion.

Don’t let the white and green mana pips confuse you, this guy is all five colors (as far as color identity rules are concerned) and he is a certifiable power house to run in the command zone. He fixes your mana, smooths your draws, and produces big flying bodies! You can hardly ask for more, so I’m going to highlight some of the best cards to add to the deck if you want Jenson to helm the deck.

Add Angelic Air Superiority

Lyra DawnbringerAtraxa, Praetors' VoiceAurelia, the WarleaderRampage of the Valkyries

The majority of Angels in magic are still mono white, which doesn’t work well with Jenson. However, some of the best two+ color angels will at least keep you scrying, and can add additional synergies to the deck. Lyra buffs any angel tokens you create, Atraxa is an exceptionally efficient body that can power up counter synergies, Aurelia makes your combat steps twice the problem for your opponents, and Rampage of the Valkyries serves as a Gravepact for your angelic forces. I don’t recommend leaning too hard into the angelic sub theme, but all of these will help your heavenly air force beat down the opposition.

Prismatic Powerhouses

ConfluxThe Kami War // O-Kagachi Made ManifestGarth One-EyeEsika, God of the Tree // The Prismatic Bridge

While the precon has plenty of five-color cards, it’s still missing quite a handful of powerful pieces that tick the “all colors” box to maximize the value of Jenson. Confux, for example, is normally a card that I’d take a pass on (that’s a lot of mana, even for so many tutors!), but netting an angel and a scry on top of filling your hand with the best cards out of your deck is spectacularly. The Kami War and Garth both represent relatively slow value engines that serve as serious work horses in a Jenson shell, and Esika’s back, the Prismatic Bridge, threatens to generate enough value over time to take over a game all on its own. (Also special nod to Urza, Academy Headmaster if your playgroup allows un-cards.)

Play With the Top

Yennett, Cryptic SovereignYuriko, the Tiger's ShadowIntet, the DreamerGod-Eternal Kefnet

While some might lean most into Jenson’s ability to spit out angels, another way to approach this commander is to take full advantage of his ability to consistently scry for you. There are a lot of cards that can do some amazing things with a little bit of library manipulation. Yennet is, at worst, a card draw engine that will sometimes just let you cast bombs for free. Yuriko can dish out huge chunks of damage while Intet also serves to cast cards at a substantial discount. The eternalized Kefnet finally doubles up on your decks most powerful instants and sorceries with minimal investment.

Rainbow Recycling

Karador, Ghost ChieftainKess, Dissident MageCrystal ShardErratic Portal

Finally, when building Jenson you have to consider one weakness: there are not all that many fully five-color cards (much less ones that are always going to be worth casting). This means you want to be able to recur the ones you do have access to as much as possible- keeping in mind that you still want to actually cast them to trigger your commander. Karador and Kess let you replay their respective card types once per turn, which can add up very quickly, while Crystal Shard and Erratic Portal both let you return a prismatic creature to hand to cast again. With all of this in mind, you’re ready to add some extra value to this alternative precon commander.

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