MTG Arena Codes: Latest Free Booster Packs & More

Magic Arena is a free-to-play online version of the trading card game. It’s an easy way to learn Magic: The Gathering. But, as with most apps built around a free-to-play model, there’s always a reason to spend money – impulsively. This makes MTG Arena codes highly prized commodities. 

If you’re new to Arena, there’s a lot of codes you can redeem – the full list of active non-unique MTG Arena codes is below. Every new set release gets a code that provides players with three free booster packs. MTG Arena codes sometimes give players other goodies too, like cosmetics, XP, and special card styles. 

Bookmark this page. New codes will be included with every release, and the list of active codes will be kept updated, with expired codes removed. Check out the latest MTG Arena code below.

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What Are the Latest MTG Arena Codes?

For the last few sets the MTG Arena code has been “play” plus the acronym for the new set. This holds true for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty:

Latest Code: PLAYSNC

Players can also grab three free Alchemy booster packs with code: PlayNEOAlchemy.

Full List of Active MTG Arena Codes

All of the following codes are currently active (as of March, 25, 2022) and provide the player with three free booster packs from the respective set.

  • PlaySNC
  • PlayAlchemyNewCapenna
  • PlayNEOAlchemy
  • PlayNEO
  • PlayVOW
  • PlayMID
  • PlayDND
  • PlayStrixhaven
  • PlayKaldheim
  • PlayZendikar
  • PlayM21
  • PlayIkoria
  • PlayTheros
  • PlayEldraine

MTG Arena Codes: Cosmetics, XP, Card Styles

All of the following codes are currently active (as of March, 25, 2022) and state what the player is given:

  • TryKaladesh: 1 Kaladesh Remastered Pack
  • FNMATHOME: 1 MTG Arena Promo Pack
  • LevelUp: 2000 Mastery XP
  • EnlightenMe: Narset, Parter of Veils (WAR) glass card style
  • WrittenInStone: Nahiri, Storm of Stone (WAR) glass card style
  • ShieldsUp: Teyo, the Shieldmage (WAR) glass card style
  • InnerDemon: Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted (WAR) glass card style
  • OverTheMoon: Arlinn, Voice of the Pack (WAR) glass card style
  • ShinyGoblinPirate: Fanatical Firebrand (M19) card style
  • SparkleDruid: Druid of the Cowl (M19) card style
  • FoilFungus: Deathbloom Thallid (M19) card style
  • ParallaxPotion: Revitalize (M19) card style
  • SuperScry: Opt (M19) card style

How to Redeem Arena Codes

Magic Arena can be played by computer or mobile phone. Therefore, we will provide instructions for both.


If you’re a new player, you will need to get through the tutorial before you can redeem codes. Otherwise:

  • From the Home screen, navigate to the Store in Arena
  • In the upper right corner there is a search bar that says: Redeem Code. 

  • Enter a code here. 

You can enter as many different codes as necessary. It’s very satisfying to redeem a bunch of free pack codes all at once. 

iOS & Android

Unfortunately, MTG Arena codes cannot be redeemed directly within the mobile app. Instead:

  • Sign-in to your account at myaccounts.wizards.com with your Arena log-in information.
  • You will be redirected to the Profile page. 
  • Scroll down until you see Redeem A Code. Enter the code here!

Note that computer users can also redeem codes this way; it’s just much less convenient.

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