More Inquisitor Captain Shenanigans! Historic Bant Humans


Historic Bant Humans by Althmtg

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This Historic Bant Humans list from Althmtg is taking abusing Inquisitor Captain at an even bigger level by not only running the usual suspects like Glasspool Mimic and Soulherder, but also Mirror Image and even Pyre of Heroes!

Glasspool Mimic // Glasspool ShoreSoulherderMirror ImagePyre of Heroes

Between the Captain itself, Pyre, Neoform and Grizzled Huntmaster, this deck is great at finding Inquisitor Captain. Once it gets into play, your goal is to keep the chain of triggers going and pass the turn with a huge board. 

Additionally, this list is opting to use more aggressive cards like Esper Sentinel and Thalia’s Lieutenant over Llanowar Elves and Collected Company

Llanowar ElvesCollected Company

I’ve personally been a fan of Llanowar Elves in this deck thanks to the mana curve which is heavy on threes and fours, and I’ve also really liked Collected Company, which usually acts like another Inquisitor Captain and gives you an extra angle of attack against control decks with sweepers, but I can definitely see the potential in a more aggressive list.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that the aggro plan is better, but if you’re trying to do things a little bit differently with this deck, then you can give it a try!


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