More Commander Legends Details Revealed

The year boasting the “Year of Commander” has taken some interesting turns, but as it turns to its final quarter the world of Magic has been treated to two Commander treasures. Today we got more information on Commander Collection: Green and Commander Legends.

First up, Commander Collection: Green. This boxed set will be available at local game stores starting December 4th. It comes in both premium foil and non-foil varieties. The boxed set will contain eight cards, each with new art. The cards are:

Commander Legends is something entirely new. The set is designed for Limited Commander play in pods of 8 (although it is possible to draft with fewer players). Each Draft Booster contains 20 cards with two slots dedicated to Legendary Creatures. For the draft, players will take two cards per pick. After the draft is complete players will build 60 card Commander decks and play in pods of four.

The regular rules of Commander apply. Life totals start at 40 and if a player takes 21 damage from a single Commander they lose the game. All cards in a deck must adhere to its Commander’s color identity. There is one major difference, however: it is not a singleton format. If you draft multiple of a card, you are allowed to play multiple copies. If you are not able to gather multiple friends together for a draft don’t worry – you can play Commander Legends sealed and the format works fine (according to Gavin Verhey).

To facilitate the draft environment, the set has 41 mono-color Partner Commanders. Unlike the recent versions from both Battlebond and Commander 2021, these Partners are unbound, meaning they can be paired with any otherLegendary Creature with the Partner mechanic. The 41 Partners include Prismatic Piper, a colorless, common Legendary Creature which can take on any color in the Command Zone. A fail safe for draft, Prismatic Piper does not take up one of the Legendary slots in a Draft Booster.

The set also has Collector Boosters which feature a number of variants. The first is only available in Collector Boosters, and they are extended art versions of certain Mythic, Rares, Uncommons, or Commons. There is also a chance of opening one of the 71 Legends in the set in a special frame with a new treatment called “foil etching”. There are also 32 popular Commanders from years gone by that also get this treatment. Foil etched Legendary Creatures will also appear at a very low frequency in Draft Boosters.

For more information, including some spoilers, be sure to check out this announcement.

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