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In the world of Commander, white gets a pretty bad rap at the best of times. While it’s a decent utility color in many respects, the stuff white gets to do isn’t that flashy or exciting a lot of the time, and so it’s not unusual for people to characterize what white brings to the table in EDH games as being a little one-dimensional. Support cards, selectively excellent removal and the immensely frustrating Teferi’s ProtectionWell, KandykidZero is on a quest to set the record straight and show us all that white isn’t as one-dimensional as all that. In fact, today’s mono-white deck doesn’t just gain life and blink things, it also draws cards – quite a lot of cards, for a deck not playing blue. Or black, I suppose. Or green. Or red, these days, with impulse draw. May I present: Mono-White Card Draw!




Mono-White Card Draw by KandykidZero

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This deck is attempting to do something that people generally conceive of as impossible for white – draw cards, and lots of ’em. White is usually laughed out of the room when it comes to card draw, but this deck is here to prove everyone wrong. And it’s not just with artifacts like Eye of Vecna or Hedron Archive – the deck is able to generate actual factual card advantage due to its suite of creatures. From Wall of Omens and Priest of Ancient Lore offering card draw to Ambitious Farmhand and Pilgrim of the Ages searching up lands, this deck will often play with a satisfyingly full hand.

Teleportation CircleEldrazi DisplacerSun TitanStonehorn Dignitary (Timeshifted)

But how? These creatures trigger once, then that’s it – they don’t draw more cards. Well, that’s why we’re playing things like Teleportation Circle and Eldrazi Displacer in order to blink these creatures for fun and profit, eking out even more card advantage as the game goes on. But it doesn’t stop there! There are a bunch of other sweet blink targets –  Sun Titan to reanimate stuff, Stonehorn Dignitary to mess with combat, Dawnbringer Cleric for some minor interaction and a heap of cards that gain life.

Beacon of ImmortalityNykthos ParagonSoul of EternityScour the Desert

This is an Evra, Halcyon Witness deck, after all, and there are more than a few ways to buffer your life total. A lot of the creatures gain a little bit of life here and there – more blink synergies, of course – but there’s also huge payoff cards to take advantage of having a high life total. Beacon of Immortality pairs with Nykthos Paragon to grow your team to immense proportions, while Soul of Eternity synergizes particularly well with Scour the Desert to make a billion 1/1 flyers.

ResurrectionElesh Norn, Grand CenobiteLapse of Certainty

There’s also a minor reanimation subtheme with a few cards like Resurrection, Late to Dinner and Miraculous Recovery which can help to cheat out huge monsters such as Elesh Norn. Finally, the interaction suite of this deck is also pretty robust – everything from hard removal like Swords to Plowshares to counterspells like Lapse of Certainty!

I love how this deck is out to prove a point – white can draw extra cards, thank you very much – and I like how it balances a synergistic game plan with solid interaction and good finishers. Plus, being able to play 25 Plains is certainly going to help keep the cost of the deck down!

If you’ve got a deck you’d like to be shown off, I’d love to see it! Anything fun or silly is particularly welcome, but I’m open to all submissions. Send ”em in! The best way to do this is on Twitter, via DM.


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