Mono-Red Storm in Legacy – Deck Highlight

Mono-Red Storm


Legacy Mono-Red Storm by MartinMedMitten


I always get a kick out of Legacy decks that play Commander cards, especially ones that literally refer to Commanders on them. That’s the case with this Mono-Red Storm deck, where it’s got four copies of Jeska’s Will, which is basically an upgraded Act on Impulse.


Header - The Game Plan

Use Ruby Medallion and Birgi, God of Storytelling to make spells cheaper, then generate a ton of mana off of draw sevens and other card draw plus Rituals and Lion’s Eye Diamonds. Finish with a giant Grapeshot off of Burning Wish.

This deck harkens back to the Standard Dragonstorm deck from 2007 – it’s got a bunch of red ritual effects and some big storm finishers, no blue cards needed. It’s pretty wild when it works, and it works a lot more often than you’d think.


Header - Key Cards

Birgi, God of Storytelling // Harnfel, Horn of BountyRuby Medallion

These two permanents generate a ton of mana on your big storm turns. Birgi gives you a one-mana rebate on each spell, and Medallion makes them cheaper to begin with, which combines very nicely. Untapping with one of these in play bodes well for you, though often you’ll want to play one and then combo off immediately.


Jeska's WillBurning Wish

Consistency comes from these two cards, both of which give you access to quite a bit more gas. Burning Wish can pull anything you need out of your sideboard, and Jeska’s Will is very close to a draw three once you have your mana engine going.


Lion's Eye Diamond

This is your best mana-generating card and worth calling out. It plays very nicely with Jeska’s Will, as you can discard your hand and still cast exiled cards, and can be sacrificed with Burning Wish on the stack as well. When used correctly, this is basically Black Lotus, which is high praise indeed.


Reforge the Soul

Why not toss Wheel of Fortune in as well? Even for five mana, it’s a powerful effect, and this deck can often generate obscene amounts of mana without trouble. You aren’t going to miracle this very often, but that doesn’t matter.


Header - Opening Hands

This deck is looking for fast mana first and foremost. If it can generate a lot of mana, it can turn that into a win, so you want to see Ruby Medallion, Rituals and Lion’s Eye Diamond


Ruby MedallionMountainAncient TombLotus PetalJeska's WillPlateauChrome Mox

Keep. Turn one Ruby Medallion off Ancient Tomb opens the door for a nice turn two Jeska’s Will, as you’ll have Lotus Petal plus a floating mana if you choose to play it. You can even wait until turn three, and either way this hand is worth keeping.


Lion's Eye DiamondLotus PetalManamorphoseRite of FlameMountainReforge the SoulBurning Wish

Keep. This hand can make 14 Goblins on turn one via Empty the Warrens, which is good enough against most decks (though this being Legacy, definitely not all decks).


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Keep an eye out for easy Empty wins (like the second hand above). You don’t need to go off super hard for it to be a threatening line.
  • Sometimes you may want to use Lotus Petal to cast Jeska’s Will instead of playing a land so you can play a land off it. This mostly comes up early in the game, where you’ll want as many lands as possible.
  • Thanks to Lion’s Eye Diamond, the sideboard has some strange off-color cards. You can play them via Burning Wish and Diamond, so it’s worth having them there.


Header - Storm's A-Coming

Every time I play against Mono-Red Storm in Legacy, it’s a wild ride. It feels like they are always barely stringing together wins, but the deck is legit and a lot more consistent than you might think. Good luck going off, and may your Jeska’s Will always include a Lion’s Eye Diamond.


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