Mono-Red is Alive in Standard with Davo-Red


Standard Mono-Red by Davor Detecnik




Today, I wanted to highlight this Standard Mono-Red deck from Davor Detecnik. You can find Davor on Twitch and Twitter

Rabbit BatteryBloodthirsty AdversaryReckless Stormseeker // Storm-Charged Slasher

This deck is as aggressive as it gets and the name of the game is haste. Every creature in the deck can attack immediately. This generally works pretty well against control decks and sorcery speed removal and sweepers. 

This kind of deck will be great in a slow metagame. Control and midrange decks with lots of card draw that are just durdling around are going to find themselves at 10 life before they play their first relevant spell. On the other hand, beating a deck like Naya Runes that can quickly produce a big lifelinking creature will be hard. 

That said, you can’t always beat every deck, so think of it as a metagame call. Davor posted a nice 22-5 run with it, which is a very nice win rate.

This deck also works well if what you are looking for is just playing some quick games to clear your quests and rank up on the Arena ladder. The sideboard isn’t particularly strong, so I can recommend this deck for the Best-of-One format as well, unless the metagame is full of Naya Runes. 


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