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Typically, we think of storm decks as being red-blue, with plenty of card draw, rituals and other ways to churn through your deck while gaining mana and building a storm count. Today’s Commander list, however, is a storm deck that is, of all things, mono-green, with Aeve, Progenitor Ooze as the storm payoff. 

It’s an unorthodox but extremely sweet list, sent in by Ooze enthusiast (or enth-ooze-iast, I suppose) CamraMaan, who told me how a storm count of 15 is regularly achievable with this deck. After flooding the board with copies of Aeve, there are a few different ways you can turn that into an instant win – not many people expect to be stormed out by a deck that only plays green!




Mono-Green Storm Commander by CamraMaan

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As with any storm deck, however, you do need both card draw and mana production, and green is more than capable of making both these things happen. With cards like Mana Reflection and Nyxbloom Ancient, you can generate absurd amounts of mana, and from there you can funnel that mana into playing creatures that replace themselves as they come into play. 

Glimpse of NatureGuardian ProjectBeast Whisperer (Timeshifted)Primordial Sage

This is achieved in a few different ways. There’s Glimpse of Nature, of course, as well as options like Guardian Project, Beast Whisperer, Primordial Sage and Soul of the Harvest. With cards like these out, you can churn through the deck’s many cheap creatures (which are useful in their own right, no one’s unhappy to play Llanowar Elves), building a storm count while you work through a massive stockpile of mana. 

Thousand-Year ElixirFyndhorn ElvesCircle of Dreams Druid

Speaking of mana, some creatures can actually help generate mana when they’re played, as well – with Thousand-Year Elixir, you can activate the mana abilities of everything from Fyndhorn Elves to Circle of Dreams Druid, and keep storming off with mana-neutral creatures. 

Cloudstone CurioGreenbelt Rampager

Additionally, sometimes you don’t even need to draw cards to increase your storm count: with Cloudstone Curio, you can just keep bouncing creatures and replaying them, while cards like Greenbelt Rampager bounce themselves, just to make it easier for you! 

Akroma's MemorialAetherflux Reservoir

Finally, once the storm count is high enough, you play Aeve and make 15 to 20 copies, adding a colossal amount of power to the battlefield… that can attack immediately for what will almost certainly be lethal if you have Akroma’s Memorial out. Failing that, Aetherflux Reservoir is another way to weaponize your storm count, or you can always hold up Heroic Intervention to make sure the team survives until the next combat step.

We’re all about unorthodox decks here on EDH Showcase, so thank you to CamraMaan for sending in this wild deck that looks like a ton of fun – for the person playing it, at least, even if it’s not fun for the rest of the table as they wait for you to storm into 20 copies of Aeve!


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