Mono-Green Stompy Brings the Beats in Historic Too!


Historic Mono-Green Stompy by Andrea Mengucci




Mono-Green beats in Historic too! I’ve been curving Werewolf Pack Leader into Old-Growth Troll so much in Standard and Alchemy that I felt the need to try it out in Historic too and the new Decathlon event gave me a reason to try it in Best-of-One. Overall, I went 7-0 in the event and then 6-1 with it on the ladder and was very impressed by the deck.

Of course, curving Llanowar Elves into a three-drop is busted and I got to just that many times throughout my runs.

Grizzled Huntmaster is the newest card and it overperformed big time for me. The card that I tutored up the most is without any doubt was Ghalta, Primal Hunger, which might be clunky at times to draw it or see it with Collected Company, so having it only in the sideboard to find when needed felt much better.

Scavenging Ooze is also being key against many cards in the format such as Witch’s Oven or Mizzix’s Mastery, which is another reason why this deck was so successful.

Hashep Oasis and Lair of the Hydra are spell-lands good enough to justify not playing any copies of Faceless Haven. This deck is also heavily relying on having triple green for both Steel Leaf Champion and Old-Growth Troll

Primal Might is your only interaction. It’s basically a one-mana removal spells thanks to your high toughness, as well as a fireball whenever paired with trample or unblockable threats such as Old-Growth Troll and Steel Leaf Champion.


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