Mono-Black Aggro is Real in Standard


Standard Mono-Black Aggro by Maffi




When I was trying to brew with Nashi, Moon Sage’s Scion, the first obvious thought that I had was to put it into a Mono-Black Aggro deck. After going through the possibilities, I thought options for early game creatures were just too weak, so I eventually settled on Rakdos instead. 

This Mono-Black list from Maffi shows that Mono-Black is in fact possible, with an impressive record of 11-1 in the mythic ranks! 

Okiba Reckoner Raid // Nezumi Road CaptainBlade of the OniBiting-Palm NinjaValki, God of Lies // Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor

This list features a little bit of everything, but most important is the fact that it can curve out quickly thanks to a lot of cheap creatures highlighted by Okiba Reckoner Raid, Blade of the Oni and Biting-Palm Ninja from the new set. Every creature these days has five different abilities, so even a pretty simple aggro deck full of creature cards and a few removal spells actually has a lot of play to it. Concealing Curtains and Biting-Palm Ninja can attack the opponent’s hand, Nullpriest of Oblivion and Blade of the Oni do something extra in the late game and thanks to Blightstep Pathways you can even play Valki as a Tibalt if you are flooding out. 

Hive of the Eye TyrantAgadeem's Awakening // Agadeem, the Undercrypt

I would like to see two more copies of Hive of the Eye Tyrant in the main deck though, as one of the most important things in an aggro deck is being able to keep pressuring the opponent even if you draw a few too many lands. Similarly, Agadeem’s Awakening seems quite good here, so I wouldn’t mind an extra copy or two. 

Skyclave Shade

Another card I would like to see somewhere in the 75 is Skyclave Shade, which is excellent at pressuring control decks which have to keep killing it over and over. 

Other than that the list looks solid to me, and even if it probably won’t crack Tier 1 just yet, it sure seems fun to play!


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