Modern’s Hardest Deck? Modern Hardened Scales


Modern Hardened Scales by Souze6



Hardened Scales is the most underplayed deck in Modern. The deck is powerful, resilient, consistent and hard to play against.

Hardened ScalesWalking BallistaArcbound Ravager

Despite being such a powerhouse, the deck doesn’t see much play as it’s unsurprisingly one of if not the hardest to master in the entire format. I’ve joked in the past that there should be a six-month vocational school that you could attend and graduate as a certified Hardened Scales master. Unfortunately, there’s only a handful of Hardened Scales pilots exploring the deck at the moment, like MTGO user Souze8 who took the deck to a top 8 finish in this Saturday’s Modern challenge. 

I do encourage players who are interested in the archetype to spend some time learning the deck. If you’re looking to learn the deck from a master you can find MrSeriMTG playing the deck often on his Twitch and Youtube channel.


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