Modern Yidaro Control – Deck Highlight


Modern Yidaro Control by number1pwner


Not all who wander are lost, and in this case, Yidaro, Wandering Monster is exactly where it intends to be. Modern Yidaro Control is a blue-red control deck at its core, with Yidaro as a sweet finisher, as well as some other spice.


Header - The Game Plan

Control the game with counters, removal and Blood Moon, using Yidaro as an uncounterable finisher.

This looks like a classic UR spells deck, with Snapcaster Mages and all, but it has a number of twists. Chalice of the Void and Blood Moon add a lockout component, and Yidaro gives it a unique finisher.


Header - Key Cards

Yidaro, Wandering Monster

Yidaro cycles for no effect the first three times, but on the fourth (and more) you get an 8/8 trample haste for your troubles. Note that once you’ve unlocked Yidaro power, every cycle gets you one, so if they kill Yidaro you’ll easily be able to find another.


Blood MoonChalice of the Void (Timeshifted)

These cards are an interesting component of the deck. Blue decks don’t usually play Chalice, though some play Blood Moon, and having both really changes how the deck plays out. It’s usually going to Chalice for one, since that’s quite strong in Modern, and once it’s fetched a few Islands, it’s not in too much danger of Blood Moon either. 


Ancestral Vision

I love decks that play Ancestral Vision on the fair, as they have a good grinding game plan set up. This deck suspends Vision, plays defense and profits wildly after four turns.


NegateRemand (Timeshifted)Mana LeakCryptic Command

The counter suite is what gives this deck game against the field. It can’t play one-mana counters because of Chalice, but the two to four-mana counters are what protects it from all the nonsense Modern has to offer.


Header - Opening Hands

The card this deck wants to see most in the opener is Chalice of the Void, ideally with Gemstone Caverns for the full blowout. Still, any amount of Ancestral Vision and early interaction works, which is basically the whole deck.


Ancestral VisionAncestral VisionYidaro, Wandering MonsterSteam VentsIslandIslandSulfur Falls

Keep. This hand can go oh so wrong, but when it works out, it’s amazing. I don’t think you can afford to suspend the second Vision on turn two, so you’ll probably need to cycle Yidaro instead.


Chalice of the Void (Timeshifted)Gemstone CavernsIslandIslandCryptic CommandSteam VentsMountain

Keep. This hand has a turn one Chalice on the draw or turn two on the play, both of which are great. Cryptic offers some nice high end, and I’m basically never mulling a turn two Chalice.


Fire ProphecyYidaro, Wandering MonsterEngineered ExplosivesSteam VentsScalding TarnScalding TarnIsland

Mulligan. This is close, but it’s too weak against noncreature decks to keep in the dark. If you know they’re on a creature deck, this hand is definitely good.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Given that you’re a Blood Moon deck, fetch Islands wherever possible in anticipation.
  • Chalice for one is almost always the right number, but against some decks, you want to consider other numbers. Note that a Chalice for two is really bad for your deck, so it has to completely hose them to be worth it.
  • Gemstone Caverns can make a third color of mana for Engineered Explosives sometimes, which can come up.


Header - Wandering Around Modern

I like when people have different approaches to the format, and this spells/Chalice deck is a sweet one. Good luck summoning Yidaro, and hopefully you can cycle your way to victory.



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