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Modern Winota by iDaveW

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Winota, Joiner of Forces is a card that’s had a lot of brushes with the law. She’s banned in Brawl and Historic, and definitely contributed to an Agent of Treachery ban in Standard as well (though that was mostly Fires of Invention). In Modern, you have a wealth of good Humans and non-Humans, making Winota an appealing play. Let’s take a look at Modern Winota!



Header - The Game Plan

Get out a bunch of non-Human creatures and slam Winota. Attack and put a bunch of Humans into play. There are also four Eldritch Evolution to support a toolbox of answers.

There are some pretty big Humans in Modern, with Blade Historian and Kenrith, the Returned King packing a real punch. Ranger of Eos and Seasoned Pyromancer also provide the nice combo of Humans to hit off Winota that get you a bunch of non-Humans to trigger Winota. Synergy!


Header - Key Cards

Winota, Joiner of ForcesEldritch Evolution

These are your two main engines, with Eldritch Evolution tutoring up whatever effect you need and Winota just going off hard. Often, Evolution will actually find Winota, making these cards work together quite well too.


Seasoned PyromancerRanger of Eos

As I mentioned, these work before or after Winota, but that’s not all they do. They also provide a bulk of cards so you can more reliably trigger Vengevine, with Seasoned Pyromancer even letting you discard the Vines. Ranger of Eos also acts as a tutor, and can find one-drops for specific situations.


Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise does it all. It ramps you, fixes your colors and is even a good way to attack and trigger Winota.


Fauna ShamanGiver of Runes

Fauna Shaman and Giver of Runes find the combo and protect it, respectively. They both trigger Winota (a common theme among low drops in this deck) and are solid cards in their own right.



Vengevine is a subtheme in this deck, playing as a good value creature that sometimes comes back. You can discard it to Seasoned Pyromancer, and it’s not that hard to trigger it when needed. Plus, it’s a hasty non-Human, which is always nice to have with Winota around.


Header - Opening Hands

You can treat this similar to an aggro deck when looking at openers, in that you want a solid curve of creatures to play early. You’d prefer to lead on Birds, but Giver is totally fine, and as long as you have plays in the first few turns, you’re likely in good shape.


Birds of ParadiseWinota, Joiner of ForcesVengevinePlainsForestArid MesaCavern of Souls

Keep. You’re pretty dependent on Birds, but a turn three Vengevine into Winota is solid (and if you draw a creature on turn two, this hand is great).


Eldritch EvolutionFauna ShamanRanger of EosLegion LoyalistWinota, Joiner of ForcesStomping GroundTemple Garden

Keep. You have a turn one Legion Loyalist into turn two Fauna Shaman, and if you draw a land, turn three Eldritch Evolution the Shaman into Winota. You also can use Shaman to find a Birds on turn three if you miss, which isn’t the worst.


Giver of RunesEldritch EvolutionVengevineWooded BastionPlainsCavern of SoulsWindswept Heath

Mulligan. This hand doesn’t do much, and is slow to boot.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • It’s sometimes worth waiting a turn to have more attackers for Winota. Playing Winota with one attacker compared to playing her a turn later with three or more attackers is usually the decision point, and both can be valid.
  • Setting up Vengevine is great against control decks, so prioritize those over Winota if they have a lot of removal.
  • Proud Wildbonder plus Kenrith giving trample is nearly an instant win and your best way to break through large blockers.


Header - An Evolving Archetype

As long as creatures keep being printed, this deck will get more options. Evolution and Winota pay you off nicely for adding new creatures, so expect to see this deck get updated frequently. Good luck piloting it, and may you put three creatures into play on turn three every game.


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