Modern Velomachus Transmogrify – Deck Highlight


Modern Velomachus Transmogrify by Raging Tilt Monster


Transmogrify is powering a lot of decks in Pioneer and Modern these days, and with the release of Strixhaven, you can add another deck to that list – Modern Velomachus Transmogrify. Thanks to Velomachus Lorehold, you can take a ton of turns in a row, which is something I’m definitely interested in.


Use Dwarven Mine to put a 1/1 into play, then Transmogrify or Polymorph it into Velomachus Lorehold. Attack with Velomachus, take as many turns as you need and repeat. The backup plan of planeswalkers, Fires of Invention and Time Warps is a good one too.


Header - Key Cards

TransmogrifyPolymorphDwarven Mine

Thanks to fetchlands, you can basically always have a 1/1 in play when you want one, which makes the Transmogrify effects really easy to use. For just four mana, you can summon Velomachus reliably, which is a potent threat.

Time WarpSavor the MomentVelomachus Lorehold

It’s not difficult to get Velomachus into play, after which you get to try and dig for as many extra turn effects as possible. Savor the Moment even works due to vigilance, and is a mondo-combo with Fires of Invention to boot. The Time Warp effects are great with many of the cards in the deck, which allows the deck to play combo cards that aren’t dead draws on their own.

Tamiyo, Collector of TalesTeferi, Time RavelerWrenn and Six

The planeswalker package gives you a natural way to take advantage of extra turns while also offering protection for the Polymorph combo. Tamiyo, Collector of Tales can rebuy Time Warps as needed and Wrenn and Six lets you hit every land drop you desire.

Fires of Invention

Fires of Invention is the perfect mana engine for the deck, as it makes Time Warps deadly and lets you play two threats every turn. It’s also great with Yorion, Sky Nomad, as the classic play of “free spell, Yorion, exile Fires and cast something else” is hard to beat.


Header - Opening Hands

Explore and Farseek are definitely the best cards to see, though most hands with a Transmogrify effect are going to be pretty good. Omen of the Sea is also a card you’re definitely interested in having access to.

TransmogrifyWrenn and SixBloodstained MireScalding TarnMountainSavor the MomentRaugrin Triome

Keep. Turn two Wrenn and Six into turn four Transmogrify is a good plan, and Savor even gives you a little more juice post-Transmogrify.

Omen of the SeaFires of InventionOmen of the SeaKetria TriomeSnow-Covered MountainScalding TarnArid Mesa

Keep. This hand doesn’t have much interaction, but if one Omen of the Sea can find Transmogrify, you have a turn four Fires into Transmogrify.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Save a fetchland for turn four to make sure you can get Dwarven Mine.
  • You usually don’t want to Savor the Moment unless you have Fires or a planeswalker in play – try and save it for those situations.
  • Against combo decks, aggressively mulliganing is your friend. You have no disruption, so you have to race.


Header - Taking All the Turns

I’m a big fan of Fires plus extra turns, and the Transmogrify angle makes Modern Velocmachus Transmogrify frighteningly consistent. Good luck taking all the turns, and may your Velomachus always flip a Time Warp.


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