Modern UW Yorion Blink – Deck Highlight


Modern UW Yorion Blink by Curryvore



There are a lot of different ways to use Counterspell and Archmage’s Charm in Modern, but Yorion, Sky Nomad is not one of the more commonly used options. This UW Yorion Blink deck combines elements of UW Control and UW Flash in a pleasing mix, and I’m in for any deck that gets more Restoration Angels into the mix.



Header - The Game Plan

Control the game with Prismatic Ending, counters, and card draw, while dominating the board with ETB creatures, Restoration Angel and Yorion.

This deck is a double threat, as it can play the control or tempo game as needed. The combination of strong counterspells with solid ETB abilities goes a long way, and Yorion brings it all together nicely.


Header - Key Cards

Yorion, Sky Nomad

The companion of choice gives this deck a ton of extra mileage from not only its creatures, but also Spreading Seas. It’s well worth going to 80 cards to get access to Yorion, and it ensures the deck almost never runs out of gas.


Restoration Angel (Timeshifted)Vendilion CliqueBrazen Borrower // Petty TheftSkyclave Apparition

These creatures all combine to give the deck some great tempo plays, and all of them either blink or get blinked nicely. You can also use these to manage the board state, making them a fine way to play control as needed.


CounterspellArchmage's CharmForce of Negation

Having 12 counters is key for a deck looking to grab the control reins. Counterspell and Archmage’s Charm are fantastic in Modern right now, and Force of Negation is no slouch either (plus, it makes sense once you realize the deck is 80 cards, so it needs additional counter backup). It wouldn’t be bad if the deck could fit in some Cryptic Commands too, but Restoration Angel does compete with that slot.


Teferi, Time Raveler

Teferi, Time Raveler once again makes it into a deck on efficiency alone. It’s not that Teferi does anything super specific for the deck (though it is nice to blink with Yorion), it’s just that Teferi is such an absurdly strong card that every UW deck should play him.


Header - Tips and Tricks


Header - Blink and You'll Miss It

Modern has a lot going on, so there’s something refreshing about going back to an old-fashioned UW Blink deck. Yorion is a strong card, and it’s got a great set of cards to combo with these days.



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