Modern UW Moderation Control – Deck Highlight


Modern Moderation Control by Kenji Tsumura


Everyone is out here talking about Urza’s Saga and Underworld Cookbook, but what if Moderation is the key? Why go wild when you can go mild, and play one spell a turn every turn? Take a look at Modern UW Moderation, played by none other than Hall of Famer Kenji Tsumura himself.



Header - The Game Plan

Get card advantage via Moderation or planeswalkers, while countering or killing everything the opponent does.

This is a classic UW Control shell, though it uses a bunch of new cards. I like the combination of efficient answers, powerful planeswalkers and a consistent engine in Moderation. Plus, the use of Solitude here is just perfect.


Header - Key Cards

The way this deck breaks Moderation is by consistently playing one spell on each player’s turn. It’s got lots of instants, a bunch of free or cheap cards, and can even pull back Moderation with Teferi, Time Raveler if need be. The Moderation into Solitude sequence is especially brutal, and puts a damper on any aggressive strategy.


CounterspellForce of NegationArchmage's CharmCryptic CommandDovin's Veto (Timeshifted)

You may be thinking “that’s a lot of counters,” and you aren’t wrong. This deck is packed to the gills with counters, from the efficient Dovin’s Veto/Counterspell to the powerful Archmage’s Charm/Cryptic Command. These are what stops every other unfair deck from doing its thing, and what makes this deck strong against combo. Free counters are especially good, though all of these are excellent.


The removal suite is also optimized for efficiency. Moderation into either white spell is fantastic, and Supreme Verdict remains a powerful catch-all.


Teferi, Time RavelerJace, the Mind SculptorTeferi, Hero of Dominaria

All three of these planeswalkers are extremely powerful, and all of them play nicely with counters and removal. Solitude or Force of Negation protecting a planeswalker you tapped out for is chefs kiss (the expression, not the card).


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Try and set up the aforementioned planeswalker and free spell combo, as untapping with a planeswalker is your fastest route to victory.
  • Don’t be afraid to bounce Moderation after you’ve drawn a bunch of cards. You need a cheat day to blow off some steam, after all.
  • Yorion, Sky Nomad can flicker Moderation or Solitude to good effect.
  • Field of Ruin is key against Urza’s Saga decks, so don’t use it on non-Saga lands if you can help it.
  • You have inevitability against most decks, so throwing away cards to preserve your life total/board position is part of the plan.


Header - A Glacial Fortress of Solitude

Modern is a wild place right now, so why not start with a tried and true strategy. Azorious with all good cards is a solid place to be, and this deck is right up my alley.


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