Modern UW FaerieBlade – Deck Highlight


Modern UW FaerieBlade by Curryvore


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Spellstutter Sprite in a deck list, so when I saw a 5-0 list that played four, I was immediately in. UW FaerieBlade is a sweet UW aggro-control build, and combines flying pressure with counterspells to good results.


Header - The Game Plan

Fetch a powerful Equipment with Stoneforge Mystic while countering anything the opponent plays. Kill them with flyers and Germ tokens while they struggle to resolve spells.


Header - Key Cards

Stoneforge MysticSword of Feast and FamineKaldra CompleatBatterskull

The Equipment package remains a strong one, and Kaldra Compleat is a nice new addition. I like the Sword of Feast and Famine in this deck, as it’s especially good with all the flyers.


Spellstutter SpriteVendilion CliqueBrazen Borrower // Petty Theft

Spellstutter is almost always just for one, but Modern is a format full of one-drops, so that works out just fine. Sometimes you do get to two or three thanks to other Faeries, and that’s a nice bonus when it happens. The 3/1 flyers offer good disruption and a real clock, and all these combined do great work.


CounterspellArchmage's CharmForce of Negation

All these counters are great, and Force of Negation is particularly good in a deck that is tapping out for proactive threats. Stoneforge Mystic into Force of Negation is awesome, and one of the advantages you get for being aggressive.


Prismatic EndingPath to Exile (Timeshifted)

The removal is powerful too, with Prismatic Ending being one of the best cards in the format (and Path to Exile is no slouch either).


Header - Tips and Tricks



This deck is a nice addition to the Modern metagame, and not a bad place to be if you like playing aggro-control. Good luck!


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