Modern Urza’s Saga Jund – Deck Highlight


Modern Urza's Saga Jund by IHAVETHEFIRE


At this point, the question has gone from “what can Urza’s Saga do?” to “what can’t Urza’s Saga do?” and today’s deck exemplifies that nicely. Jund is the last deck I’d expect to see the Saga show up, and yet it seems to make any archetype better to add four Urza’s Sagas and a couple cheap artifacts. Let’s take a look at Urza’s Saga Jund (really Golgari, but it’s Jund in spirit).

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Header - The Game Plan

Grind out the opponent using discard, Liliana of the Veil and Urza’s Saga, with Lurrus of the Dream-Den as a card advantage engine.

This deck adds a nice artifact package to the normal Jund shell, with four Urza’s Sagas and six different artifacts to go get (plus Mishra’s Baubles). It’s capable of the classic Jund starts of discard into Tarmogoyf into Liliana, but has the added angle of a land that makes a pair of 4/4’s and then tutors up an answer. If this deck can use Urza’s Saga, any deck can, and it’s definitely strong in the deck.


Header - Key Cards

Thoughtseize (Timeshifted)Inquisition of Kozilek

Discard is still key to this strategy, and having a bunch of one-mana discard options is how a fair deck can compete with unfair ones.


Urza's Saga

Saga is a value-generating engine more than a primary game plan. You don’t want to lead on it, as you aren’t trying to tutor up a key piece, and you want to make two Constructs just about every time. The tutor package offers a variety of answers and some threats, including Expedition Map to get another Saga.


Lurrus of the Dream-Den

Lurrus as a card, not a companion, is not something you see every day. It fits perfectly into this deck, as it has a ton of cheap cards to replay, and Lurrus is a must-kill as a result. I’m surprised more decks don’t go this direction, as it seems very profitable.


Ignoble HierarchTarmogoyfLiliana of the Veil

These three are a big part of what makes this deck “Jund”, and they all work together nicely. Goyf is actually better in this deck than most Jund shells, as it always has an artifact alongside every other type (though given where the format is, it’s pretty likely your opponent will supply an artifact). Hierarch gives the deck good ramp, and Lili is the disruptive high-end that these decks love to use.



Mishra's Bauble

There’s a reason Bauble costs like 50 bucks on MTGO – it’s becoming a Modern staple. With a fetchland, it’s close to a zero mana scry 1 and draw, which is awesome, and it buffs Constructs and grows Goyfs alongside that. I’d get a set of Baubles sooner rather than later, as more and more decks are finding reasons to run them.


Header - Opening Hands

You really want to see a Hierarch or a discard spell, though Bauble can help find such things. Saga isn’t bad either, and most hands that have early plays are fine, since this isn’t really a synergy deck.


TarmogoyfTarmogoyfExecutioner's CapsuleUrza's SagaVerdant CatacombsLurrus of the Dream-DenNihil Spellbomb

Keep on the play. This hand really needs to find a third land, but random artifact into Goyf into Saga is a fine start. On the draw this is too slow, so I’d send it back.


Thoughtseize (Timeshifted)Pithing NeedleMishra's BaubleMarsh FlatsOvergrown TombUrza's SagaSwamp (#486)

Keep. You get to Bauble yourself before playing a land, then Thoughtseize them, which is pretty good. Saga means you have stuff to do with your mana over the next few turns, making this a solid hand.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • As with any Urza’s Saga deck (ie. Modern deck), make sure to make a second Construct before the third chapter pops.
  • Witherbloom Command can grow Goyf by milling, and is a great way to feed Lurrus too.
  • Try not to play Lurrus until you can immediately bring something back, as you don’t want to miss out on value.


Header - The Saga Continues

I’m not sure where Urza’s Saga will end up, but it’s amazing to see the variety of decks it goes in. I suppose that speaks to how powerful it is more than anything else, but I’m still blown away by this inventive Jund Saga deck – props to the creator.


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