Modern UR Storm Returns with Neon Dynasty!


Modern Izzet Storm by Sunbird17



UR Storm has been a Modern deck since the beginning of the format in 2011, and this past weekend it showed up again in the Modern Super Qualifier. Out of 395 players, Sunbird17 managed to bring it to the Top 8.

Gifts UngivenBaral, Chief of Compliance (Timeshifted)WishDiscover the Impossible

The deck is called Gifts Storm because you’re relying on Gifts Ungiven to create card advantage with Past in Flames, getting access to Desperate Ritual, Pyretic Ritual and Manamorphose to raise both your spell count as well as your mana production.

Without Rite of Flame and Seething Song, it’s much harder to get huge chunks of mana in Modern, so you’ll rely on Goblin Electromancer and Baral, Chief of Compliance to really go off in the same turn, which might happen as early as turn three. Sometimes you can afford to run a creature out on turn two into your opponent’s removal, otherwise you might want to held it to go off all in the same turn. 

There’s a couple of new cards worth highlighting. The first is Wish, which will let you either get your win condition in Grapeshot, or get answers to the board state like a Shattering Spree or a Lightning Bolt. Alternatively, it can get you Empty the Warrens or Galvanic Relay if your spell count isn’t large enough to guarantee a win with Grapeshot.

Another cool new addition is Discover the Impossible, which serves as an Impulse as well as a way to cast your spells for free while going off, digging deeper to find more rituals or a deadly Grapeshot.

A nice interaction you can do with Grapeshot and Remand is to cast Remand on your own Grapeshot, getting all the storm triggers and then casting the Grapeshot again for lethal. This might be necessary whenever you don’t have a huge Storm count and you can effectively halve the number of spells needed to kill the opponent with Grapeshot. 


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