Modern Temur Reclamation – Deck Highlight


Modern Temur Reclamation


Temur Reclamation isn’t a deck I’ve considered since it got (forcefully) rotated out of Standard. The strategy of playing a bunch of instants plus Wilderness Reclamation is still a good one, and this list that 5-0ed a Modern League is a nice demonstration of that.

The big addition here is Memory Deluge, as flashing it back basically ends the game (and is easy to do thanks to Rec). Past the deck has the usual combination of value, removal and counters – everything you need to take things home.



Header - Key Cards

Wilderness Reclamation

Having Rec in play basically doubles your mana, and this deck is well-equipped to spend that mana. Besides the expensive sinks like Deluge and Shark Typhoon, it’s got plenty of cheap spells to play as well (including the turn you play Rec).


Wrenn and Six


Despite all the attention Wrenn and Seven is getting in Standard these days, the original Wrenn is still incredible. Here it’s mainly to make sure you never miss a land drop, though the ping effect does plenty too.


CounterspellArchmage's Charm

This counter suite gives the deck the ability to shut anything down. It’s particularly effective against control and combo, but cheap enough to be strong against anything.


As mentioned before, these are your mana sinks. They’re castable without Rec and busted with it, and both can close out games with ease.


Early interaction remains important, and it doesn’t get more efficient than these. Shark Typhoon also makes Unholy Heat deal six more often than not, which is a nice bonus.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Archmage’s Charm can steal cheap creatures and even things like Aether Vial. Don’t forget this mode.
  • You can float mana before the Rec trigger resolves, letting you cycle giant Typhoons or cast Deluge on four or five lands.
  • Nexus of Fate is a great way to lock the game up, but you don’t need it until your engine is really humming.


Header - Reclaiming the Wilderness

This deck is a blast from the (recent) past, and if you were into Rec before, definitely worth trying now. Best of luck, and may you always have the turn four Rec.


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