Modern Taking Turns – Deck Highlight


Modern Taking Turns by ManaCymbal


Time Warp was deemed too dangerous for Historic, but there’s no such protection in Modern. Once it teams up with Savor the Moment, you get to take all the turns indeed. Welcome to Modern Taking Turns.


Header - The Game Plan

Use Indomitable Creativity to get out Velomachus Lorehold, then take extra turns until they die.

This deck plays eight Time Walks and a bunch of planeswalkers, so it can make good use of its spells even without Velomachus. Savor the Moment in particular works nicely on the fair, though Time Warp isn’t bad either.


Header - Key Cards

Indomitable CreativityVelomachus Lorehold

This isn’t the first or last we’ve seen of Indomitable Creativity. The combination of it and Dwarven Mine is just too strong, and if it’s not Velomachus it’ll be Primeval Titan or even Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. This is a good payoff for the combo, because it wins on the spot most of the time, but there’s so much you can do with this engine.


Time WarpSavor the Moment

The extra turn effects are what make Velomachus lethal, but even without the combo they can put in good work. I especially like Wrenn and Six for hitting land drops on all those extra turns.


Lightning BoltPrismari CommandRemand (Timeshifted)

If you aren’t winning on turn three, you do need some sort of interaction. Prismari Command is seeing more and more play, and works especially well here by giving you an artifact for Indomitable Creativity.


Header - Opening Hands

You’d love to see Indomitable Creativity, but any hand with Lightning Bolt or Remand is likely fine. Wrenn and Six into Teferi, Time Raveler is also a fine curve, so really any hand that can play something by turn two tends to work.


Indomitable CreativityWooded FoothillsRaugrin TriomeTeferi, Time RavelerBloodstained MireSteam VentsSnow-Covered Mountain


Keep. Teferi into Creativity is good enough against most decks, even if a Thoughtseize gets you good.


Remand (Timeshifted)Remand (Timeshifted)Prismari CommandWooded FoothillsKetria TriomeBloodstained MireScalding Tarn

Keep. This hand sees a ton of new cards, making it easy to sculpt into whatever you need.


Header - Tips and Tricks


Header - Taking All the Turns

I’m a fan of any Taking Turns deck, and this is no exception. Good luck, and don’t miss when your Dragon hits the board.


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