Modern Steelseeker Food Deck Guide

In the initial wave of new decks that crashed into Modern with the release of MH2, there was a lot of hype (and a little bit of collective dread) revolving around the “food archetype”. A linear beat down deck that uses the engine of  Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar + Underworld Cookbook + Ovalchase Daredevil to put a feast of food on the battlefield. With a pile of food tokens you can make giant Urza’s Saga tokens, or recur Feasting Troll King from the graveyard as soon as turn two (this interaction earned Feasting Troll King the ambitious nickname “the new Hogaak”). 

AsmoranomardicadaistinaculdacarThe Underworld CookbookOvalchase DaredevilUrza's SagaFeasting Troll King

However, as the Modern Metagame evolved, players learned how to combat food (and other Urza’s Saga/artifact focus strategies), and the archetype faded into relative obscurity. While the player base as a whole has mostly moved on from the food archetypes I have returned to it from time to time with new upgrades or ideas. Most notably, I’ve spent a lot of time working on a blue/black based version that uses Time Sieve to take infinite turns by sacrificing your piles of Food tokens. I will write an update to that deck guide soon, but there are some exciting new tools from Brother’s War that have caused me to return to the classic Troll King Variant.

Here’s the decklist, it’s been performing incredibly well so far. I have a 15-3 record with the deck at the time of writing, and lost my win and into the top 8 of this last week’s Modern Challenge as well. I’ve found the matchups versus Murktide, Hammer, Control, and Burn to be great, but matchups like Tron, Titan, and Living End are somewhat concerning. 

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  1. I thought there was going to be an update on the weekend? The list has had several changes to it since this one was posted!

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