Modern RG Delirium – Deck Highlight


Modern RG Delirium by Paulyj


As a fan of aggressive and linear decks, this recent 5-0 Modern league list for RG Delirium from Paulyj caught my eye.


Mishra's BaubleTarfireTarmogoyfBlood Moon

You’re basically a R/G Delirium Zoo deck that uses cards like Mishra’s Bauble and Tarfire to enable the delirium creatures and Tarmogoyf. Blood Moon gives you an extra card type as well and can sometimes just straight-up win you some matches against the right opponents like Tron.


Dragon's Rage ChannelerGnarlwood Dryad

Dragon’s Rage Channeler and Gnarlwood Dryad should both always have three power for one mana, which gives this deck some nice aggressive openings. Interestingly, if you want a 3/3 for one mana that doesn’t rely on delirium, you can simply just add Wild Nacatl and a couple of shocklands to go with the fetches, though it wouldn’t work as well with Blood Moon in your deck.


Bloodbraid MarauderBurning InquiryUnholy Heat

Bloodbraid Marauder turns into a 3/1 cascade for two mana, which is a great deal even if you don’t know what you’re getting. 

What’s really interesting about this list is the four copies of Burning Inquiry. That’s a card we used to see in Hollow One decks where it has obvious synergy with everything else in the deck, but here it’s always going to be card disadvantage because you don’t have any cards with flashback and only two Seasoned Pyromancers that can come back from the graveyard. The upside is that you can sometimes completely screw up your opponent’s hand.

Tarmogoyf should always be a huge threat for two mana and if Unholy Heat is popular, then they may even have trouble killing your seven-toughness Goyf with it sometimes. 

If you like aggro decks that have a little bit of extra play to them, you can definitely give this a try.


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