Modern Orzhov Reanimator – Deck Highlight


Modern Orzhov Reanimator by KelMasterP


Modern Horizons 2 gave Reanimator decks a bunch of new toys, and they’ve certainly found a home in Orzhov. The combination of Persist and Unmarked Grave is a good one, and this deck has 10 (!) different Modern Horizons 2 cards in the main deck. That’s a ton from just one set, especially given how big Modern is. Let’s take a look at Orzhov Reanimator!



Header - The Game Plan

Dump a giant creature into your graveyard, then use Persist to reanimate it ahead of schedule. Grief, Ephemerate and Stoneforge Mystic offer great backup plans as well.

This deck is a midrange deck that has a strong combo element, and thanks to black disruption, can slow the opponent down easily. 


Header - Key Cards

Unmarked GravePersistPriest of Fell Rites

This is your main reanimator package, with Priest of Fell Rites being a good value card as well. You can get a giant monster into play as early as turn three, and Ephemerate even can blink it for extra value.


Thoughtseize (Timeshifted)GriefCollective Brutality

The hand disruption is a huge component here, as it slows down any opponent with ease. As an additional bonus, you can use these to get creatures into your own graveyard if need be.


Stoneforge MysticBatterskullKaldra Compleat

Stoneforge Mystic is a one-card combo, and presents a huge threat for just two mana. You can even reanimate the Mystic if they kill it, which gives you some nice value.



The combo with Grief is the headliner, but blinking your reanimate targets or Stoneforge Mystic can do some good work as well.


Serra's EmissaryArchon of CrueltyAshen Rider

Because Unmarked Grave can’t get legendary creatures, these are the three horsemen of the apocalypse as far as this deck is concerned. You have Ashen Rider for removal, Archon of Cruelty for value and Serra’s Emissary to lock the opponent out.


Header - Opening Hands

You want to see a mix of discard spells plus threats, which can either be the reanimation package, Stoneforge Mystic or Grief and Ephemerate.


Plains (#264)Priest of Fell RitesThoughtseize (Timeshifted)Malakir Rebirth // Malakir MireGodless ShrineMarsh FlatsArchon of Cruelty

Keep. You may not want to Thoughtseize on turn one, because targeting yourself on turn three to discard Archon is quite strong after a turn two Priest.


PersistDamnGriefUnburial RitesSilent ClearingSwamp (#272)Plains (#264)

Keep. You have turn one Grief and turn two Persist on it, which is a solid start.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Note that you can Unmarked Grave for Unburial Rites as an extra reanimation spell.
  • Always stack Grief triggers so you make them discard before trying to Ephemerate it, to clear the way if they have removal.
  • Archon of Cruelty should be your most-reanimated card, as it provides the most value in the face of removal.


Header - Persistence is the Key

This is a fair deck doing somewhat unfair things, which describes a lot of Modern. Thoughtseize is a great card, and when you have this many discard spells, there’s nothing that can’t get disrupted. Good luck, and may you Archon them early and often.


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