Modern Orzhov Midrange Artifacts – Deck Highlight


Modern Orzhov Artifacts by Talisker



Today’s deck caught my eye in the Top 8 of last weekend’s Magic Online Modern Challenge. There are many ways to build Orzhov Midrange in Modern, but this is no ordinary Orzhov Midrange deck. It has elements of Death & Taxes, but this is no ordinary Death & Taxes deck. It’s an artifact-based creature deck, but this is no ordinary Affinity deck!

Perhaps what I love about this deck list is the seamless blending of so many different strategies while maintaining high card quality and tapping into cool synergies. We can all agree that Urza’s Saga is an awesome card, and searching for Colossus Hammer isn’t the only way to use it in Modern.


Urza's SagaWelding JarSpringleaf DrumShadowspearRelic of ProgenitusPithing NeedleTormod's CryptGrafdigger's CageManriki-Gusari

This the selection of cards Orzhov Artifacts can get with Urza’s Saga’s third chapter. There’s a little something for every situation and matchup. But perhaps more importantly, the ability to generate multiple Constructs off of the second chapter is a way to put a ton of power and toughness onto the battlefield, and will be a primary win condition for this deck, particularly after the opponent is off-balanced by some well-placed disruption.


Stoneforge MysticCranial PlatingNettlecystShadowspearManriki-Gusari

No Batterskull, no Kaldra Compleat, no Swords of any flavors. This deck uses Stoneforge Mystic, but has determined that the artifact synergies outshine the traditional Equipment targets. I particularly love casting Stoneforge Mystic and searching for Nettlecyst because the opponent can’t stop your living weapon from entering the battlefield merely by killing the Mystic itself. 


Ingenious SmithEsper SentinelTidehollow Sculler (Timeshifted)NettlecystPortable Hole

Finally, there’s Ingenious Smith and the selection of essential four-of artifacts that it can help you find. When Ingenious Smith finds Portable Hole to take out a Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer or a Dauthi Voidwalker, you’ve basically created the world’s best Ravenous Chupacabra. Ingenious Smith will do a Luminarch Aspirant impression by growing in size every turn, while it also grants card advantage and increases your access to your most important cards. 

In short, this deck blends old and new, disruption and aggression, power and finesse. Props to Magic Online player Talisker on an impressive masterpiece! I’m excited to give it a try.


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