Modern No Lurrus Hammertime – Deck Highlight


Modern No Lurrus Hammertime by CrusherBotBG



While most Hammertime pilots choose to play Lurrus of the Dream-Den as a companion to have access to a late game card advantage engine, MTGO user CrusherBotBG has been finding success with this no Lurrus Hammertime build.


NettlecystSword of Fire and IceSword of War and PeaceSword of Sinew and Steel

Excluding Lurrus gives the deck access to a Nettlecyst and three Swords – Sword of Fire and Ice, War and Peace and Sinew and Steel – in the 75, which allows pilots to keep hands that are less reliant on comboing with Colossus Hammer. This, of course, makes Stoneforge Mystic a more powerful and versatile threat with such a diverse array of tutor targets.

I think that this version is definitely worth testing, and is yet another way to adapt the Hammertime deck. 


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