Modern Mono-White Hammertime – Deck Highlight


Modern Mono-White Hammertime by Hamuda


This Sunday, MTGO user HAMUDA won the Modern challenge with Mono-White Hammertime, a deck that’s flown a bit under the radar since the release of Modern Horizons 2.


Esper SentinelUrza's Saga


Hammertime was already a solid deck before Modern Horizons 2 and it got some huge upgrades via Esper Sentinel and Urza’s Saga. Both of these cards give the deck the ability to grind through a multitude of removal spells while still being able to kill as early as turn two! Hammertime is a deck that really rewards a player for mastering it, and I think it’s severely underplayed at the moment.

If you want to give the deck a try, you can use the Streamdecker link above or go to ChannelFireball.com to pick up any Modern singles you need!



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