Modern Miracles – Deck Highlight


Modern Miracles by Eclipse4343



Once upon a time, Miracles was the most powerful strategy in Legacy. It used Brainstorm and Sensei’s Divining Top to set the top of its library, facilitating Terminus at instant-speed for the price of one mana, in addition to other powerful effects. 



Neither Brainstorm nor Sensei’s Divining Top are legal in Modern. However, Modern Horizons 2 brings the closest approximation we’re likely to get.


With Brainstone, you spend a total of three mana to get the effect of a Brainstorm. This wouldn’t be worthwhile just for the card selection, although there are plenty of times when shuffling two dead cards or excess lands back into your library with a fetchland will be a welcome effect. Really, the goal is to recoup the mana investment by casting Terminus for one mana. 

Modern is fast and unforgiving, and extremely focused on efficiency. The difference between a four-mana Supreme Verdict and a one-mana Terminus is massive when it comes to facing down Humans, Merfolk, Red Prowess or any other creature strategy. In some games, you won’t live to cast the Supreme Verdict at all, or else you might be locked out of it by Thalia, Guardian of Thraben or an opponent disrupting your mana.

Beyond the mana discount, Terminus comes at instant-speed, and doesn’t send creatures to the graveyard, which ranges in importance based on how popular decks like Dredge and Hardened Scales might be. And of course, even when you can’t execute the Brainstone combo, you can still get lucky and Miracle the old fashioned way!


Outside of the Miracle synergies, this deck has all the strengths of traditional Azorius Control, including access to plenty of new toys from Modern Horizons 2

Counterspell is a slam-dunk upgrade, and this is one of the very best decks in Modern for utilizing a full playset of Counterspells.

Solitude, Subtlety and Prismatic Ending round out the answer suite, offering plenty of efficient answers to just about any problem an opponent might present.

And finally, Blossoming Calm is an awesome new sideboard card that allows you to hammer red decks. By countering a Lava Spike, it’s totally realistic for Blossoming Calm to gain you an effective seven life while also providing two turns of breathing room. 

Miracles is a very nice intersection of a tried-and-true strategy with high card quality, plus some additional synergies that allow you to hit opponents with something they’re not prepared for.


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