Modern Living End – Deck Highlight


Modern Living End by MKC



I was looking at some new Modern deck lists with cards from Modern Horizons 2 and two things caught my eye, both related to Living End.

First one was that Kanister already has multiple 5-0 lists posted in the recent batch, so I recommend checking out his stream if you want to see some new combo decks in action.

Second one was that the new evoke creatures work really nicely with Living End! I picked this deck list from MKC to highlight.


Violent OutburstDemonic DreadLiving End

The goal of this deck is to cycle huge creatures with cycling and on turn three use Violent Outburst or Demonic Dread to cascade into Living End. That will clear your opponent’s side of the board and put all the creatures you cycled back into play.


The biggest new tech is obviously Grief, which lets you check your opponent’s hand for countermagic before you fire off Living End, only for it to take another card from them after it comes back!


Titanoth RexArchfiend of Ifnir

Some of the new-ish creatures include Titanoth Rex and Archfiend of Ifnir, which are definitely improvements over the Living End creatures I used to play with back at paper PTs like Pale Recluse, Jungle Weaver, Architects of Will and Deadshot Minotaur.

The sideboard is mostly cards that are supposed to prevent you from having a graveyard and cards that deal with your opponent’s graveyard. 

If Jund and other creature decks become popular thanks to Modern Horizons 2, I recommend giving this deck a try!



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