Modern Hooffinity – Deck Highlight


Modern Hooffinity by PintuMTG



I love Affinity. I’ve been playing it on stream since last week and it’s been giving me good results. I recently 5-0’d a League with the list I wrote about and as long as people keep Stony Silence and Kataki, War’s Wage out of their sideboards, it’ll continue to perform. Today’s Deck Highlight, Hooffinity, features a variation on the archetype. PintuMTG went crazy adding Neoform and Craterhoof Behemoth to the deck, exploiting Thought Monitor and Sojourner’s Companion high mana value but cheap costs by sacrificing them to get the huge Hoof to finish your opponent off as early as turn two!


Thought MonitorNeoformCraterhoof Behemoth


When I played my Affinity deck, I had multiple games where I was able to deploy a seven-drop on turn two and I remember a game where I was able to cast a Thought Monitor as early as turn one off of four Ornithopters.

This deck can certainly capitalize from these starts but looks to be clunkier whenever it doesn’t come out of the gate quickly and finds itself with an uncastable Neoform in hand.

Also, to defend PintuMTG (the creator of the deck), I made up the name – I couldn’t really resist calling this deck Hooffinity!


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