Modern Grixis Ragavan – Deck Highlight


Modern Grixis Ragavan by Gerry Thompson



I noticed this Tweet about Modern Grixis Ragavan when scouting for some interesting deck lists on Twitter. 20 straight wins is a very impressive record for any deck, so I took a closer look.

I don’t get to play Modern very often, but this is exactly the kind of deck I would love to play in a tournament. It reminds me of Legacy Delver, which is as good as it gets when it comes to Constructed formats if we don’t count Vintage or some broken combo decks before they got banned.


Thoughtseize (Timeshifted)Inquisition of KozilekDrown in the Loch

This deck has two amazing one-drop threats that can win the game for you on their own and once you get them into play, you have a flurry of cheap effective interactive spells. Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek disrupt your opponent while helping fill both your and your opponent’s graveyard, which is relevant for delirium and Drown in the Loch.


Mishra's Bauble

Mishra’s Bauble doesn’t look like a very important card, but it adds to your delirium count for free and basically makes your deck smaller, which is a great deal for zero mana. You can also use Bauble in combination with fetchlands to take a look at the top of your own deck and if you don’t like the card you see, you can just shuffle it away and draw a new one.


Snapcaster MageKolaghan's CommandLightning BoltExpressive Iteration

Snapcaster Mage combines really nicely with Kolaghan’s Command and all the removal like Lightning Bolt and Unholy Heat. Expressive Iteration also helps you find what you need and make your third land drop. 

The sideboard is a mix of cards to match up against everything, which is always a struggle in Modern because there are just so many different decks that can win a tournament on any given day, but you only have access to 15 sideboard cards. 

Overall, this deck looks great and I cannot recommend it more.


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