Modern Glimpse of Tomorrow – Deck Highlight


Modern Glimpse of Tomorrow by mkennedymma


I never thought I’d see the day that Warp World became a key piece in a competitive deck, but the suspend version (Glimpse of Tomorrow) is doing exactly that. Let’s take a look at a deck that’s been popping up all over MTGO.



Header - The Game Plan

Put as many permanents into play as possible, using Chancellor of the Forge, Wavesifter and more. Cascade into Glimpse of Tomorrow and dump a bunch more permanents into play, which makes more permanents, mana and cards, leading to another Glimpse. Win with whatever you want, up to and including Omnath, Locus of Creation triggers.

This deck is pretty single-minded, but can easily win games by just accumulating value if the Glimpse doesn’t go off. A Glimpse with five or more permanents usually works out pretty well, and one with 10 or more is basically always game (often as the second in a turn thanks to drawing cards and making mana from the first).


Header - Key Cards

Glimpse of Tomorrow

This card is pretty wild, since it costs a ton of mana to get this effect normally. It seems like a joke compared to the other cards in these cycles (Balance, Living Death, Bribery, etc), but Warp World is not a weak card, and there are so many ways to spit out permanents these days. Plus, the combo of flipping Omnath and a bunch of lands at once is a sick one, and makes this into a win just about every time you reveal Omnath.


Shardless AgentViolent Outburst

These are your actual Glimpses, and Shardless Agent in particular is just a great card. There’s a reason all these cascade decks run it, and getting a 2/2 plus an absurd spell for three mana is fantastic. It’s also nice that you can Glimpse at instant speed with Violent Outburst, so keep that in mind.


Omnath, Locus of CreationRisen Reef

The Elemental package is a nice one, and you even have Wavesifter as an additional one. Omnath is what makes this deck pop off once it starts going, and Risen Reef is a good speedbump that adds more stuff to the board.


Goblin Dark-Dwellers

Goblin Dark-Dwellers offers another way to go off, as flipping these off the first Glimpse lets you immediately replay it and go again (which is basically always profitable for this deck). 


Seasoned PyromancerChancellor of the Forge

Tokens, tokens, tokens – these get you more material on board, and at extremely low cost. Both are good before Glimpse or to see off Glimpse, which is why they make the cut.


Header - Opening Hands

You’re basically just looking for a curve of cheap permanents into Glimpse, with stuff like Chancellor or Wavesifter as your highest priorities (after Shardless Agent, of course).


Shardless AgentViolent OutburstSeasoned PyromancerSteam VentsMountain (#276)Khalni GardenWooded Foothills

Keep. This hand is a little slow on the draw, but you can either Glimpse turn three or wait a turn until after you cast Pyromancer.


Chancellor of the ForgeRisen ReefEnduranceSeasoned PyromancerHallowed FountainMountain (#276)Stomping Ground

Keep. This hand is missing a cascade card, but can buy some time with chump blockers into Risen Reef.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • You want to wait as long as possible before Glimpsing. If you have to go early, you have to, but each additional turn puts one to four permanents into play, which increases the odds you win.
  • Against counters, try and bait with an end of turn Violent Outburst if possible.
  • When you have a Glimpse in your opening hand, you should try and suspend it on turn two. It’s an effective play, and it’s easy to draw the game out until it resolves.



I hope this glimpse into the deck’s workings gives you a good sense of how exciting this deck is, since it does some wild stuff. Good luck, and may your Glimpses always flip Omnath.


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