Modern Esper Reanimator – Deck Highlight

Modern Esper Reanimator by Spiderspace



Our Modern expert AspiringSpike wrote an excellent Deck Guide on Esper Reanimator, a deck that uses the new Modern Horizons 2 package of Persist, Unmarked Grave and Archon of Cruelty to make Reanimator work in Modern. 


The archetype didn’t really burst out in the competitive scene, but it put down an important skeleton for when Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, released adding two very important pieces in the list: Consider and Faithful Mending.

Gabriel Maxson is the first innovator of the new Reanimator, and brought it all the way up to the Top 8 of a Modern Challenge last Saturday, which was eventually won by Gabriel Nassif on Living End.

Faithful Mending and Consider are two very important pieces here since they both make sure your deck keeps functioning while enabling your combo of putting Archon of Cruelty and Serra’s Emissary in the graveyard while making sure you draw Persist or Unburial Rites to reanimate these pieces.

Remember that Unmarked Grave, much like Entomb, is not only here as a Buried Alive, but can also work as a tutor for Unburial Rites to flashback from the graveyard.



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