Modern Elementals – Deck Highlight


Modern Elementals by TheScrubinScrubs


Elementals make an appearance every now and then in Modern, and always have some cool stuff going on. Thunderkin Awakener is an appealing card, and Lightning Skelemental gives you a sick card to combo with it. Add some Aether Vials, some Birds of Paradise, and you’ve got Modern Elementals.


Header - The Game Plan

Cast a steady stream of Elementals, powered out by Birds of Paradise and Aether Vial. Copy them with Phantasmal Image and Glasspool Mimic for maximum value.

This deck utilizes a nice combo of ETB effects, Clones and Risen Reefs to really go off, with Flamekin Harbinger tying it all together. It’s a midrange value deck that’s capable of generating a surprising amount of damage when needed, and even has recursion and land destruction elements to it.


Header - Key Cards

Birds of ParadiseAether Vial

These are your mana engines, and are critical in giving you the necessary speed to keep up with the format.


Risen Reef

Risen Reef goes off in this deck, and is one of the best cards you can copy with a Clone effect. It snowballs quickly, and if you ever untap with one in play, you can expect good things.


Glasspool Mimic // Glasspool ShorePhantasmal Image

Much like the Humans deck, Phantasmal Image and Glasspool Mimic give you a lot of extra copies of your key effects, and can be particularly good at copying cards that are strong in multiples.


Thunderkin AwakenerVesperlark

This light recursion package gives you a ton of value from Lightning Skelemental and Flamekin Harbinger, and can pick up Risen Reef nicely as well. These are the cards you’ll look to in order to create a board out of nothing.


Flamekin Harbinger

Flamekin Harbinger is card disadvantage, but the effect it offers is a great deal for the price. It can find whatever effect you’re missing, enabling both a toolbox of useful Elementals and making the deck great as assembling its combos.


Header - Opening Hands

Having Birds or Vial is the most important thing to look for, but a good assortment of costs goes a long way even if you don’t have an accelerant. The deck has a low curve, so it’s hard to find hands that don’t have early plays.


Phantasmal ImageFlamekin HarbingerLightning BoltGlasspool Mimic // Glasspool ShoreSteam VentsCavern of SoulsWooded Foothills

Keep. This hand has a Lightning Bolt for early interaction and Flamekin Harbinger to find Risen Reef. If they don’t kill it, you can copy it twice and really go nuts.


Birds of ParadiseBirds of ParadiseFulminator MageSpitebellowsAether VialFlickerwisp (Timeshifted)Grove of the Burnwillows

Keep. Turn one Aether Vial into turn two double Birds gives you the perfect setup to flood the board, even if you only have one land.


Header - Tips and Tricks


Header - It's Elemental

This is a sweet tribal deck from a somewhat underrepresented tribe, and it’s cool seeing it get some love. Risen Reef is an awesome card, and I’ve gotta root for any deck going this hard on it.


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