Modern Eldrazi Tron is Back with Possessed Portal and More!


Modern Eldrazi Tron by LORiWWA



Eldrazi Tron is one of the most historic Modern decks that doesn’t show up as much as it used to. However, it’s still able to perform at the highest Modern tables. This past weekend, LORiWWA went 10-1 in the Modern Showcase Qualifier, getting a sweet Top 4 finish in one of the hardest Modern events on Magic Online with Eldrazi Tron. 

Urza's TowerThought-Knot SeerKarn, the Great Creator

Their list is lacking two cards that we’re used to seeing in this deck – Chalice of the Void and Reality Smasher.

In particular, LORiWWA chose Relic of Progenitus in the main deck over Chalice of the Void as a metagame call against the plethora of UW Control and Four-Color Yorion Omnath decks where the Chalice wouldn’t be good. Relic of Progenitus is really fantastic at the moment, just as it was before with Lurrus around, except it got even better now that Hammer Time is seeing less and less play.

Karn, the Great Creator takes up for all the sideboard slots, with the only sideboard cards available being Kozilek, Butcher of Truth for Control and Mill and Oblivion Sower for Control and the mirror match.

Circuit Mender is the newest card in here. It’s nothing particularly fancy, but it’s good enough to protect Karn and give you a card back if exiled or bounced, unlike Filigree Familiar.

Finally, the last card I want to highlight is Possessed Portal, which is the replacement for Mycosynth Lattice (which is banned in Modern) to lock up the game once you’re already ahead on board. I tried it in my hands and it felt good!


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