Modern Creative Reanimator – Deck Highlight


Modern Creative Reanimator by Spiderspace


PersistUnmarked GraveArchon of Cruelty

This innovative Modern Creative Reanimator deck list was created by MTGO user and Twitch streamer Spiderspace. It combines the Persist and Unmarked Grave package with the Indomitable Creativity and Dwarven Mine package to have multiple ways to cheat Archon of Cruelty into play.


Indomitable CreativityPrismari Command

Indomitable Creativity dodging graveyard hate makes this plan much more resilient and difficult to fight through. I also really like that Prismari Command can function as both a looting effect to get Archon into the graveyard and as a token generator for Creativity. 

I highly recommend this deck if you’re looking for something new and fun to play, if you like cheating big things into play or if you want to catch your opponent’s by surprise. 



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