Modern BW Incarnations – Deck Highlight


Modern BW Incarnations by Andrea Mengucci


When Grief was first previewed, a lot of people lost their minds over the prospect of a turn one evoked Grief with Ephemerate, which meant you’d be able to use three cards to discard your opponent’s best three cards and keep a 3/2 menace body. However, the card didn’t really see much play until Twitch streamer MagusOfTheMoon popularized this BW Incarnations blink list which features both Grief and Solitude and tries to get maximum value out of them with both Ephemerate and Malakir Rebirth.



I’ve tried the deck on stream with good success. Today’s deck is my second iteration of the list, cutting Dauthi Voidwalker from the main and replacing them with Tidehollow Sculler, which works well with the blink effects and helped casting both Solitude and Grief for their evoke costs.


VindicateStoneforge MysticLingering Souls (Timeshifted)

The deck isn’t a “turn one combo deck” or bust, it’s a black-white midrange deck that wants to take out your opponent’s resources either via hand disruption or removal spell. I’ve been targeting lands with Vindicate more than I should, although it definitely feels good to manascrew them after discarding their cantrips and cyclers.

I thought Lingering Souls wouldn’t be good enough for Modern, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it, especially in a deck with Sword of Fire and Ice, Sword of Light and Shadow and not that many creatures to equip them on. I’ve also been blocking a good amount of Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer with my Spirits, which also feels quite good.

Kaldra Compleat and Batterskull compliment themselves perfectly as an Equipment toolbox for Stoneforge Mystic. You get Batterskull against red decks and Kaldra Compleat versus control/midrange decks.

I love having the fourth Equipment in the sideboard, since there’s matchups where I don’t want Sword of Fire and Ice or Kaldra Compleat, so it’s nice to swap between the three.


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