Modern Boros Brought Back – Deck Highlight


Modern Boros Brought Back by Jpsn54



This weekend, MTGO user Jpsn54 Top 8’d a Modern challenge with a really exciting Boros brew featuring Brought Back.


Brought BackShowdown of the SkaldsSolitudeFuryRanger-Captain of Eos

This is a midrange deck with lots of powerful threats that is trying to maximize the value of Brought Back with fetchlands, Showdown of the Skalds, Solitude, Fury and Ranger-Captain of Eos. These cards that sacrifice themselves for value are perfect to synergize with Brought Back since you get to control when they go to the graveyard.

I like that each card in this deck is individually powerful, while also having the potential for explosive turns. This deck looks like a ton of fun to pilot, and I recommend it if you like unconventional midrange decks.



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