Modern Bant Valki Miracles – Deck Highlight


Modern Bant Valki Miracles by Evart Moughon


I spent a lot of time before Modern Horizons 2 building various Lurrus of the Dream-Den control decks. I ended up brewing up this Bant Valki Miracles list.


Bring to LightValki, God of Lies // Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor

Having access to the best companion as a late-game card advantage engine is incredible in any control deck. The best Lurrus control deck I was able to build was a Sultai list that played Bring to Light and Valki, God of Lies, which gave you access to an incredibly powerful five-mana planeswalker while maintaining Lurrus’s deckbuilding restriction.



Brainstone is a flexible new enabler for the archetype that gets recurred by Lurrus, puts Terminus on the top of your library and shuffles Valki back into the library if you draw them. I’ve been really impressed playtesting the deck so far, and recommend it if you’re looking for a powerful control deck to play in the new Modern format. 


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