Modern Affinity – Deck Highlight


Modern Affinity by Andrea Mengucci



Modern Horizons 2 had the mission to revitalize old Modern archetypes that didn’t see play for a while. Thanks to Urza’s Saga and Thought Monitor, it certainly succeeded in making Modern Affinity playable again!

On Thursday, I trophied a MTGO League with this deck and I enjoyed the deck a lot! You can always check my VODs at twitch.tv/andreamengucci/videos to see the whole thing. If you want to buy this deck in paper, you can always click the Streamdecker link above or check out ChannelFireball.com


Thought MonitorSojourner's CompanionNettlecyst

Thought Monitor and Sojourner’s Companion are two new great payoffs for a deck full of cheap artifacts like Memnites and Ornithopters.

Nettlecyst was rather underwhelming and I often sideboarded out. I’d prefer to play Etched Champion instead, which is a great post-sideboard card that can also do a great job of carrying Cranial Plating. I’ve been really impressed with it against the plethora of red decks.


Urza's Saga

Urza’s Saga is clearly the best card in the deck. There’s some hands that don’t do anything, but you’re still keeping them because, thanks to Urza’s Saga, you’re dropping a Constuct 6/6 on turn three and one more on turn four. It can also get some mana ramp in the form of Springleaf Drum, or Shadowspear to give your Constructs trample and lifelink.

Urza’s Saga is also amazing in this deck since it can tutor your sideboard hate pieces post-sideboard. For example, against a graveyard deck, I was able thanks to play Urza’s Saga on turn one to get a Soul-Guide Lantern on turn three to solve my opponent’s graveyard troubles.

I’ve played with Urza’s Saga for two days in various artifact shells and overall, it’s very strong that’s won me plenty of games. Maybe it’s too powerful for Modern, but I’m happy it revitalized decks like this that faded from existence.


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