#MTGMM2015 Preview Card: GP Vegas Side Event Playmat and Supplies—And a Special Offer

Today I get to preview one of the most exciting cards in Modern Masters 2015. I say this with confidence, even not knowing the entire set, because this card is one of the sweetest cards in the game of Magic. It’s Paulo Vitor’s favorite card, and for good reason. The card, of course, is Vendilion Clique.


Vendilion Clique really does it all. It’s a threat, it’s disruption, it gives you knowledge of the opponent’s hand, and it does all that at instant speed. Even the legendary subtype doesn’t matter as much as it normally would, as Vendilion Clique often finds itself trading off, making multiples a fine draw. Additionally, Clique can target you, letting it cycle dead cards, meaning that it’s basically always a good draw.

#GPVegas Side Event Playmat

As awesome as the gameplay of Vendilion Clique is, the most exciting news about this preview has nothing to do with that. I’m glad to announce that the sweet new art on Vendilion Clique will not be limited to card form, as Vendilion Clique will be immortalized on sleeves, deck boxes, and—the side event playmat for Grand Prix Las Vegas!

Side event mat

There are as many ways to get these items as there are to use Vendilion Clique (well, almost), so let’s take a look at a few:

Vendilion Clique GP Las Vegas Playmat:

• Play in a Last Chance Trial on Thursday or Friday
• Play in a selected scheduled Modern Masters 2015 Side Event throughout the weekend
• Play in the Super Sunday Series ([email protected] a.m.)

Scheduled Side Events have a maximum capacity, so preregister today!

Vendilion Clique GP Las Vegas Sleeves & Deck Box

• Planeswalker Registration receives 1 of each.
• Platinum Planeswalker Registration receives 2 of each.

Preregister or upgrade your registration here.

The Vendilion Clique sleeves and deck box will not be available anywhere else, so make sure to pick those up during Modern Masters Weekend. Playmats without the Grand Prix Las Vegas logo will be available through Ultra Pro and other retailers worldwide.

Special Offer: GP Vegas Playmat Swap

We’re all about giving you options at Grand Prix Vegas, so much like Vendilion Clique lets you exchange cards, you can trade in your Grand Prix Las Vegas main event playmat for a Vendilion Clique playmat if you so desire. Just stop by our customer service desk in the lobby on Sunday between 7 a.m.-12 p.m. to trade in your Etched Champion playmat for a Vendilion Clique playmat.*

I’m getting more and more excited for Grand Prix Vegas—I hope to see you there.




*While supplies last. Playmats must be in clean, like-new condition. 


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