Misery Loves Company – Modern Grist Company – Deck Highlight


Modern Grist Company by scipios


Grist, the Hunger Tide is a sweet design, and the ability of being a 1/1 Insect while in your deck leads to some interesting possibilities with cards like Collected Company. This deck combines that interaction with some strong Abzan creatures, making for another way to take on Modern with Grist Company.



Header - The Game Plan

Flood the board with creatures (and Grist) thanks to Collected Company and beat the opponent down while disrupting them.

This deck has both the Stoneforge Mystic package and Company as great ways to generate card advantage, and almost all the creatures are either mana dorks or have sick ETB abilities. It’s midrange at its finest, and a resilient version at that.


Header - Key Cards

Collected Company

This is easily the most important card in the deck, and the one you want to draw the most of. When combined with a mana accelerant, this spits out up to six mana worth of creatures at instant speed, and often nets you multiple triggers while doing so.


Grist, the Hunger Tide

Grist offers interaction and threats all in one, and thanks to its patented InsectForm, can be found with Collected Company as well. Everyone knew this was a powerful planeswalker, and this deck uses it better than most.


Stoneforge MysticKaldra CompleatBatterskullSword of Fire and Ice

The Stoneforge package gets you a lot of threats at low cost, and doesn’t take up many slots either. Kaldra Compleat is the strongest place to start, but all of these Equipments are good in the right situation.


Noble HierarchBirds of Paradise

Accelerating out these plays is clutch, especially since Company drives you to play more three-drops than normal.


Header - Opening Hands

Hands without an accelerant are a little less exciting, but as long as you have a two-drop, you will be getting on the board early enough.


Birds of ParadiseCollected CompanyCollected CompanyRazorverge ThicketOvergrown TombMarsh FlatsForest (#280)

Mulligan. As tempted as I am to keep this, if they kill the Bird, this hand falls apart fast. If you knew they didn’t have early removal, this is worth trying, but so few decks fall into that category.


Tidehollow Sculler (Timeshifted)Voice of ResurgencePlague EngineerRazorverge ThicketTemple GardenGodless ShrinePlains (#264)

Keep. This hand isn’t the most exciting, but Tidehollow Sculler is good disruption and Voice of Resurgence/Plague Engineer both provide a lot of value.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Casting Collected Company on their draw step lets you hit a timely Tidehollow Sculler if you need to stop them from playing something specific.
  • Tidehollow Sculler can also give you info about what number to name with Sanctum Prelate.
  • When sideboarding, try and keep your creature count high. Taking out too many creatures is a common mistake in CoCo decks.


Header - Grist for the Mill

This deck is a new take on Collected Company, and the additions of Grist and the best ETB creatures from the last two years certainly gets there. If you expect a lot of creature decks, this can battle them nicely, though it’s a bit soft against combo as currently constructed.

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  1. Andre Felipe Arraval Zanetti

    I have played this deck alot, it is actualy pretty good against Ur murktide and death shadow,

    Can you give an updated list for this current meta?

    What do you think about lion sash in the 75?

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