Michael Jacob wins Magic Online Championship Series

Michael Jacob has won the 2019 Magic Online Championship Series. The culmination of a season of  premier play on one of Magic‘s digital clients, the MOCS (as it is known) took 24 players who qualified via Magic Online and pitted them against each other in Vintage Cube, Modern, and Pioneer. Normally played on site, the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic delayed the event and resulted in players participating from all corners of the world.

A former United States National Champion and well regarded streamer, Michael Jacob did not have the easiest road to the Top 4. At the end of Day One there was controversy in his match with fellow eventual Top 4 competitor Oliver Tiu. Jacob was piloting a deck that could gain an unbound amount of life – something difficult to execute on Magic Online. The players agreed to operate as if Jacob had an unassailable life total in game one but in game three, Tiu attacked for “lethal”.  Afterwards, Tiu rectified the situation and the result of the match was switched to favor Jacob. All that being said, Jacob entered the Top 4 as the 4th seed, his 8 wins record bolstered by tie breakers. There he dispatched Matti Kusima in the Semi-Finals before taking down Logan Nettles in the Finals. For his efforts Jacob won $50,000. Congratulations to Michael Jacob – your Magic Online Championship Series Champion!

Michael Jacob's Selesnya Heliod Company - Modern

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