Meeting in the Middle – Legacy Izzet Half-Delver – Deck Highlight


Legacy Izzet Half-Delver by Nathan Steuer


Three weeks ago, Milan Bhayana Top 8’d Legacy Showcase with two copies of Delver of Secrets in his own list, that raised a lot of eyebrows, as the card has been historically a four-of and a pillar of the format. Two weekends ago, we saw our own Rich Cali play and write about his own Delverless version of the deck and today, the deck I’m highlighting for you is last Sunday’s Legacy Showcase winning deck by Nathan Steuer, with two Delver of Secrets and two Steam Vents! This is the new Izzet Half-Delver!


Delver of Secrets // Insectile AberrationSteam VentsCourt of Cunning

Cutting some Delver of Secrets makes a ton of sense since Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Dragon’s Rage Channeler can do its job better. You can argue whether you should play zero or two copies, but it’s clear as day that it’s the worst of the three one-drop available.

The other innovation that Nathan Steuer brought are the two Steam Vents replacing a basic Island and Mountain and I have to admit, I love his change!

I always hated playing basic Mountains in a Delver deck. According to Frank Karsten, you need 14 sources to play a one-drop, and in this deck, that means that you need a blue source to keep a hand. As a result, if you wanted to play a basic Mountain, you needed to play 19 lands, but between Mishra’s Bauble and the Ragavan, I believe Delver decks nowadays should play 18.

You just can’t afford to play 10 fetches and only four Volcanic Islands as a fetchable lands, especially in a world of Wasteland. Therefore, the nice solution is to add two Steam Vents to the mana base!

Finally, the last innovation from Steuer’s list are the three sideboard Court of Cunning. They’re for you to win the card advantage war against Bant Control and Jeskai MonkeyStill, although make sure to play them accordingly and don’t find yourself unprepared against an instant speed Ice-Fang Coatl or Endurance!


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