Mardu Sacrifice Draft Guide for Dominaria United MTG Limited

Dominaria United is here and has captured the Limited community by storm! With no shortage of supported archetypes and build-arounds (and no mythic common like Inspiring Overseer to ruin the fun), the set is gearing up to be an all-timer. While/blue seems to be the general consensus best color, but everything is viable and fairly balanced. Since draft is self-correcting, I assume the proverbial water will eventually run dry and people will have to look towards other colors soon enough, which brings me to outlining my current favorite deck in the format, Mardu Sacrifice!



Header - The Game Plan

The beauty of this deck, and many decks in DMU Limited, is that it can operate on different axes depending on how you draft it. At its core, I believe it wants to operate as a BW beatdown deck, taking advantage of the strong two-drops, removal spells and go-wide synergy that exist within these two colors. But depending on what cards from the lists below you gain access to, you might be able to grind people out with a gain-and-drain strategy, rebuy your best threats and cast a one-mana Writhing Necromass with a self-mill strategy, or take advantage of powerful splashes like Raff, Weatherlight Stalwart and Zar Ojanen, Scion of Efrava if your mana base can support it. The sky is truly the limit with this color pair, but here are the cards you’ll want to focus on before spreading your wings.


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  1. 4 Phyrexian Missionary in that second deck! Wow. I’m wondering: 1) Are two red card splashes on only 3 mountains consistent enough in the first deck? And 2) Why 18 lands in the second deck? The curve seems only slightly higher than the first deck with no big creatures that aren’t discounted

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