Mana Dork Tribal with Raggadragga – EDH Showcase

We’ve got a different sort of tribal deck to showcase today: a mana dork tribal deck! Rather than be united by a shared type line, this deck plays a ton of creatures with mana abilities, all bound together by the mighty Raggadragga, Goreguts Boss, who not only gives them a colossal +2/+2 but also a weird sort of vigilance, so they can attack and tap for mana each turn!

CharlesP316 built a deck not just around Raggadragga, but also Primal Surge – this list is composed entirely of permanent cards (outside of the Surge itself, obviously), and the 10-mana sorcery should be enough to close out any game on the spot, assuming it resolves. Even without Primal Surge, however, this deck has a streamlined and synergistic approach to taking games down – and hey, with Craterhoof Behemoth in the deck, I’m here for it. 




Raggadragga Mana Dork Tribal by CharlesP316

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Llanowar Elves is, of course, both an iconic card and a very powerful one, especially when used to power out hard-hitting heavyweights. However, as a one-mana 1/1, it falls off quickly as the game goes long. Raggadragga changes all that, turning Llanowar Elves, Elvish Mystic and all the other little dorks into respectable threats. Birds of Paradise becomes a 2/3 flyer for one – an amazing rate!

Karametra's AcolyteCanopy Tactician

But mana dorks don’t stop at just one mana, and as you head up the curve cards like Karametra’s Acolyte can add a ton of mana while also holding down the fort as a 3/6. Canopy Tactician becomes a pseudo-vigilant 5/5 Elf lord (meaning your Llanowar Elves are now 4/4s), that can still tap for three mana. Raggadragga isn’t mucking about with this sort of thing – all these mana dorks are now real beaters!

Regal Force

Raggadragga’s last ability is also pretty ridiculous in this deck, as whenever you cast a seven-or-more-drop, you end up with two threats for the price of one. Cast a Regal Force, and not only are you getting your card-drawing monster, you’re getting an untapped 10/10 trampling Llanowar Elves, ready to serve!

Allosaurus ShepherdLeyline of AbundancePrimal SurgeRhythm of the Wild

There are plenty of places to put mana in this deck: not just enormous monsters, but also activated abilities on cards like Allosaurus Shepherd or Leyline of Abundance, or the card draw that comes with stuff like Guardian Project or The Great Henge. Beyond all this, however, a Primal Surge will assuredly win the game on the spot. It flips over your entire library and gives all your creatures haste with Fervor and Rhythm of the WildCraterhoof Behemoth will take care of the rest!


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