Major Shake Ups! Historic Power Rankings – 1/18/22

The most interesting Historic event I could find in the last week for the Historic Power Rankings was this Set Championship Qualifier with 115 players. 

If you take a look at all the decks that went 5-2 or better, there are a few things that we can derive from it. 

  • There are eight different decks in the Top 8. This shows you that the format is wide open and that you can play just about any Tier 1 deck at the moment and do well on any given day. 
  • There’s no Bant Blink deck to be found at the top of the standings and only a few total in the event, which tells me that it’s probably much more of a ladder deck than a tournament deck. 
  • If you scroll down to the metagame breakdown, you’ll find that out 115 players, by far the most popular decks were Golgari Food (21 copies) and Izzet Phoenix (18) with no other deck breaking into double digits. Both Golgari Food and Phoenix actually went just below 50 percent in terms of win rate.

This tells me that the format is fairly well balanced at the moment. It looks fun to play because there’s a lot of diversity but you can get ahead by focusing on one deck and perfecting your deck list and sideboard plans. Just like in Modern, Historic at the moment seems like it favors those who dedicate themselves to a certain archetype and master it. 

This was the winning Jeskai Control deck list by Lukas Honnay.





Historic Jeskai Control by Lukas Honnay


I’ve seen Lukas’ name before so I’m not surprised he managed to take down this qualifier with his take on Jeskai Control featuring two copies of Discover the Formula. Congratulations and good luck in the tournament!

That said, let’s move on to the actual Power Rankings.


9. Wild Card

Sythis, Harvest's HandNiv-Mizzet RebornDragonstorm

This includes decks like Selesnya Enchantress, Five-Color Niv, Goblins, Gruul Shamans, Mono-Red Delirium, Dragonstorm, Bant Angels, Gruul Aggro and so on. Whatever your favorite deck is, if it’s at least a little bit competitive, you can always do well with it on the Arena ladder and with some good matchups, even in a bigger tournament. 

8. Bant Blink

I’m moving Bant Blink down a bit after it hasn’t performed well in a big tournament. It was dominating the Arena ladder for some time, but a lot of decks learned how to ignore it and/or go over the top of it. 

7. Izzet Phoenix

Phoenix is never really a bad choice because it’s just a very solid deck, but at the same time I don’t really love it at the moment because the format seems much more about working towards something big (Creativity, going off with Inquisitor Captain, etc) or building a strong board position. Drawing cards just to draw more cards doesn’t really seem to be the name of the game at the moment, so if you’re playing Phoenix, make sure to build the deck as proactively as possible. 

6. Azorius Lotus Field

When I checked Untapped.gg for win rates of all Best-of-Three Historic decks between Gold and Mythic in the last month, Azorius Lotus Field actually came on top with 64.3 percent. The sample size of 140 matches is on the low side, but I do think it deserves a shout out. 

5. Jund Food

Korvold, Fae-Cursed KingMayhem DevilTrail of Crumbs

Jund Food does not seem to be very popular, but if I played a sacrifice deck, I think I would want to have Mayhem Devil in it for the creature matchups and the Food mirror.

4. Heliod Company

If you like to play Selesnya-based creature decks, it better have Inquisitor Captain in it. The difference between Bant Blink and Heliod Company is that Company is trying to win fast instead of durdling around.

3. Golgari Food

Golgari Food remains one of the most popular decks on the ladder and in tournaments. It’s one of the most solid decks in the format with a fast proactive game plan, so you can’t really go wrong by playing it. 

2. Jeskai Creativity

I put Creativity Combo in second because creature decks seem to be very popular at the moment. Decks like Golgari Food, Heliod Company or Izzet Phoenix often don’t have a way to deal with even a single Serra’s Emissary.

1. Jeskai Control

A deck like Jeskai Control needs a lot of experience and deep understanding of the metagame, but if you get it right, you’ll usually get rewarded with a great deck. I like that red gives you access to Lightning Helix and Anger of the Gods, both of which seem great in a creature heavy metagame.


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