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  1. this might just be an odd request but you guys should do the top 8 decks of their time or something like that. I’ve seen similar requests on your other videos so maybe itll be interesting

  2. Top 8 Commander generals/cards?
    Top 8 limited formats?
    Top 8 counterspells?
    Top 8 TSG jerseys?

  3. There is no way that BBE is #2.

    Sure it was dominant in standard but other then that?
    PD and Vindicate are both much more powerful then BBE and see much more play in older formats, they even pop up in vintage from time to time.

    And, shouldn’t split cards be competing in this category?

  4. This list was fairly accurate, I think Figure ranks a bit high, but I can see the logic.

  5. Top 8 Draw spells
    Top 8 Hate Cards
    LSV’s Top 8 favorite Sets/Bocks
    Top 8 Bears
    Top 8 Removal spells
    Top 8 “Spells that cost more than 7” (that are cast, not cheated in creatures)
    Top 8 “‘Best’ Standard decks”
    Top 8 ‘Tricks’
    Top 8 Haste creatures
    Top 8 Constructed playable Legends

  6. Top 8 bombs in a limited format. What’s the all time windmill-iest of slams?

    I second eric’s suggestion of top eight limited formats, that’d be an interesting one too

  7. Great top 8 this week, maybe next week the Top 8 WTF decks that made a Top 8, it would be a funny list to see what ya guys can come up with. A small side Top 8 like you guys did before could be Top 8 Stupid moves LSV has done on the PT. (PT Nagoya where LSV forgets he Twisted Image a 6/4, and trys to Turn to Slag it.)

  8. Wacky? Here you go:

    I’ll second: Top 8 Worst Templated Cards (Raging River, Icy Cauldron, etc.) and Top 8 Commanders

    My suggestions:

    Top 8 Multiplayer Cards

    Top 8 Weirdest/Worst Art (Word of Command, Stasis, Decimate, etc…)

    Top 8 Cards People Thought Would be Bad (Spectral Procession Mr. Erwin…)

    Top 8 Cards People Thought Would be Good But Sucked

    Top 8 Sexiest Magic Cards (gotta love the new Wedgie Angel in that commander deck)

    Top 8 Most Disturbing Magic Cards (original Mutilate on top for sure)

    Top 8 Most Ill-Conceived Magic Products

    Top 8 Commons in Saviors-Planechase-Morningtide draft.

    Top 8 Worst Cards that Saw A Lot of Play

  9. top 8 most confusing cards sounds hilarious for an episode….probably lots of kamigawa block cards (always seemed like too much text) and other cards with “too much text for its own good’ as ochoa stated once about necrotic plague in a M11 draft

  10. Samuel The Swede

    Top 8 Worst Plays on the Tour. Hint, Moreno and Brian Davis should be in this list ;D

  11. Most confusing cards does sound sweet. Sylvan library I still have to read. Dead Ringers is a headache, any of the Browbeat/Book Burning cards, Chains of Mephistopheles, Illusionary Mask, etc.

  12. Top 8 Cycles (this could be very hard to figure out, and could be very contested, since it hard to say what truly makes a cycle, Pacts, Decrees, Winds, Titans, these can be easy when they all share names, but things can also be complicated like the 1mana for 3s in alpha)

    Top 8 Most Commonly/Generally Difficult to pronounce cards

    Top 8 Cards with Kicker

    Top 8 the cost 8

  13. I’ll second Jason’s “Top 8 cards to first pick in a cube draft.” (Not including Power 9… I mean, c’mon… too easy.)

  14. Top 8 decks that have top 8’d a pro tour or won a Grand Prix.
    For instance, I always adored Korlash Mono Black from when it was legal for 3 months after Future Sight, or Dralnu du Louve from early Time Spiral standard. Next Level Blue all the way back from 2008 was sweet, too.

    Obscure decks are better.

  15. Go for top8 confusing cards with even more confusing rules. Then build a Judgebreaker.dec with it!

  16. I agree with top 8 most confusing cards, along with a TSG explanation (followed by LSV correcting him).

    Top 8 embarrassing art.. Ice Age’s “Joven” should be there. He’s a legend alright…

    Top 8 Homelands cards…ok ok, Top 2.

  17. Since you did the top 8 cycle of colors, you could do a top 8 cycle of types. top 8 critters, enchantments, (lands and artifacts already done), etc. Top 8 tribal and planeswalkers has a short list to choose from though, but top 8 instants and top 8 sorceries ought to be juicy.

  18. I’d like to see you guys talk about and mull over a Top 8 of the most rare and obscure creatures or Creature types. The kinds that got printed and for lack of organization or lack of interest in R&D back in the day, were never heard from again! K Go!

  19. I’d love to see “Top 8 X for ones.” as in the top 8 value cards. Big, swingy cards that let you gain a ridiculous advantage over your opponent if they resolve.

  20. Really have to disagree with Cadaverous Bloom. Squandered Recources was much more important to get the combo started. Also, Squandered Recources is the card that got banned in block. Oh well, at least you mentioned it.

  21. I think Meddling Mage may have been missed other than that I enjoy the top8’s.

    I’d like to see top 8 format’s, creatures/spells, worst cards could also be challenging though I think I know.
    I also wouldn’t mind a favorites list. Decks, cards in general, card names or flavor text could be neat to.

  22. Top 8 pro tour Top 8’s. Because of the players, decks, stories, whatever. Just explain why you think they count. Personally I like the Finkle/Maher tinker mirror in the Worlds finals and the one where Chapin and Nasiff played the mirror Dragonstorm in Worlds because both are great stories.

  23. Top 8 Counterspells for sure.

    Also, Fires of Yavimaya was dominate enough to deserve a spot

  24. Top 8 edh generals.
    Top 8 edh combo’s.
    Top 8 edh cards.
    Top 8 pro players of all time.
    Top 8 ‘best magic stories’

  25. I second the T8 PTs/PT feature matches for stories or interesting play (with links for those who were not around at that time?).

  26. Liked this one!

    How about top8 alltime pros?

    Top 8draft formats?

    Top 8 deck names? Some sweet PUNishment there.

  27. Top 8 limited formats, one list for TSG, one list for LSV, and maybe for other CFB members.

  28. Yes please:
    Top 8 Conley decks
    Top 8 formats (Team Rochester draft? Unified Modern?)
    Top 8 Worst Cube cards commonly included in Cubes (still haven’t heard the full explanation for Sensei’s Divining Top…)
    Top 8 commons for limited
    Top 8 first picks in Cube/limited
    Top 8 multiplayer cards

  29. The last “tog” is chronatag or chronotog. not sure of the spelling . Also TSG where is your jersey???

  30. Top 8 Funny cards.
    Top 8 Commons
    Top 8 Uncommons
    Top 8 Underestimated Cards
    Top 8 Aggro cards
    Top 8 Sideboard cards
    Top 8 1 drop creatures, 2 drop creatures, etc.

  31. Figure of Destiny really shouldn’t count. Hybrid is not gold. Now what are you gonna do when it comes time for Top 8 Hybrid Cards?

  32. Top 8 best limited cards AND/OR Top 8 best limited cards in their respective expansions
    Top 8 most underrated limited cards

  33. Top 8 tribal decks
    Top 8 one of’s in PTQ decks
    Top 8 1/1 creatures
    Top 8 misplayed cards
    Top 8 sideboard cards (never main decked)
    Top 8 vanilla creatures
    Top 8 turn one plays
    Top 8 card eratas
    Top 8 force of will counter moments
    Top 8 casual Cards
    Top 8 demons
    Top 8 angels
    Top 8 group game effects
    Top 8 arch enemy cards
    Top 8 tournament rulings
    Top 8 coin flipping cards

  34. “Figure of Destiny” is NOT gold. Gold cards are multi-coloured cards. Hybrid cards are not (necessarily) multi-coloured.

  35. @ArtB

    Yes, they are. All hybrid cards are multicolored, and all hybrid cards can be targeted by, say, Glittering Wish. Whether this episode should include only cards PRINTED with a gold border is another discussion, but rules-wise it’s very clear that hybrid cards are always considered multicolored.

  36. Top 8 most fun cards to play with (gifts ungiven etc)
    Top 8 most annoying cards to play against (stasis, sdt)
    Top 8 most beautifully designed decks
    Top 8 most horrible cards to get printed by wotc

  37. I second Top 8 Most Ill-Conceived Magic Products.

    Or Top 8 Best Preconstructed Magic Products

  38. Top 8 decisions made by WOTC to improve magic


    Top 8 blunders / decisions / PR disasters by WOTC.

    I think this one would spark a lot of debate, as the company can really excel in both of these areas from year to year!

  39. I disagree on tog being number 1. it was alot worse when onslaught rotated in and after scourge/8th it was a tier two deck. oh the good ol days of onslaught/odyssey

    it did see some extended play and a small amount of 1.5 play with intuition. but in the same vein cruel ultimatum could .take the same spot on the list. seen a ton of play for years, and is strong in extended just like tog was.

    I also feel lightning helix deserved a mention. pulse is probably stronger than vindicate too and probably has seen more competitive play than vindicate. B/W wasnt a huge standard deck, and killing planewalkers was such a big deal. pulse would have been =ly as weak if not for cards like Elspeth and jace. even putrefy was arguably more influential in its standard time.

  40. other honorable mentions though clearly not top 8 might include fires of yavimaya, glare of subdual, crystalline sliver, mortify, lightning angel, blightning and split cards like fire/ice.

  41. Carl Lost His Mind

    Top 8 Best Banned Cards
    Top 8 Pauper Cards
    Top 8 “Most Hated” Cards/decks (i.e. stasis, Necropotence, other cards that you pretty well auto scoop to.)
    Top 8 Card Art

  42. @ Thomas Lighning Helix was in honorable mention. Vindicate was definately played more than pulse in random junk decks and such. Vindicate still sees play in Legacy today while pulse does not. The ability to take out lands is very good.

  43. Top 8 misused or misunderstood cards
    Top 8 cards that were almost amazing, but instead are terrible
    Top 8 “I can’t believe they printed this” cards
    Top 8 ways to use your Divining Top
    Top 8 Promo cards

  44. Also top 8 draft formats would be awesome. I like to hear LSV’s color commentary on each topic, and theres a lot of mileage that could be gotten out of top 8 Draft formats.

  45. No love for Trygon Predator? You didn’t even give it an HM, and the thing is playable in Type 1.

  46. Top 8 most influential 5-Color/ Landtype cycles from a single set, considering ALL 5 CARDS.

    i.e. Lucky Charms from Alpha, Pitch spells from Alliances, Tutors from Mirage, Legendary Lands from Urza’s Saga, Wishes from Judgment, Pacts from Future Sight, Titans from M11, Commands from Lorwyn, Ultimatums from Alara, Color Hosers from Alliances or Tempest.

    Also, Top 8 Sets of all time for gameplay value.

    Top 8 cards vs. each color (i.e. the 5 best cards to beat blue, green, red, white, black, etc…).

    Top 8 Opening Plays (i.e. 1st spell cast in a match).

    You could also go tribal (top 8 goblins, top 8 merfolk, top 8 elves, top 8 vampires, top 8 dragons, top 8 angels, top 8 demons, etc…).

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  48. @Mark – I second your choices.

    I also agree that Fires of Yavimaya and Trygon Predator should of at least got mentioned.

  49. Top 8 Narrow Sideboard Answers. The ideal card is one that wrecks another important deck in its format and era’s metagame, but is nearly a blank against other common decks of that format and era. The opposite of the universal flexible card – but still has to be so useful that is was played, main or SB, and mattered.

  50. There are many top eights possibilities. Speaking of possibilities as a blue mage I like wet cards. You know the cards that give you options. For example Cryptic Command or the charms. These cards are versitle and tend to be best used by more skilled players. Also due to their versitility they make excellent side board cards.

  51. I second top 8 draft formats.
    Or top 8 worst draft formats.
    Or top 8 worst formats period.

  52. @RICH.
    Have u watched his drafts he makes miss plays. He still wins those games but I’m sure he has mental missplays that would help improve everyone’s game play from a pro’s perspective. Not to mention his idea of a misplay from what we might have seen compared to his point of view overall in the match.

  53. I dont remember if you did this one or not, Top 8 hardest cards to play with

    Also, top 8 most misunderstood/misused cards
    top 8 conley decks
    top 8 lords
    top 8 value cards
    top 8 planeswalkers
    top 8 draft archetypes

  54. Top 8 sleeper cards:

    Cards that started off as junk rares or $2-3 rares and then became staples.

    SFM, Splinter Twin etc.

  55. +1 for top 8 limited bombs
    top 8 worst creature cards
    top 8 useless noncreature cards

  56. Top 8 Non-Card Magic products
    Top 8 Preconstructed decks
    Top 8 overcosted cards ($$)
    Top 8 Arts
    Top 8 Limited Bombs is nice too

  57. Suggestions:

    Top Eight Draw Spells

    Top Eight Longest Tournament Placing Decks

    Top Eight Top Eights on the Pro Tour

  58. I’m guessing you chose Cadaverous Bloom over Squandered Resources because it was the namesake of its deck, but Resources is clearly the bigger contributor. It was the on banned (ya, I know, they weren’t the brightest at bans back then, but this one has been well recognized as correct). On top of that, it saw tournament play outside of the ProsBloom deck. Its a much more significant card.

  59. Top 8 Knights
    Top 8 Wurms
    Top 8 Hotties “Hot Chick on the card”
    Top 8 sweeps “DOJ, WOG, Plague Wind ect…”
    Top 8 most powerful cards in standard “without Jace and stoneforge”
    Top 8 Plainswalkers

  60. Bottom 8 cards of all time (worst cards)
    Top 8 Moments In championship matches
    Top 8 Un-cards
    Top 8 Jokes
    Top 8 Limited bombs
    +1 for Top 8 puns by LSV
    Top 8 Destruction cards (anything that ‘destroy’s

  61. Top 8 mechanics.

    Top 8 flavor cards.

    Top 8 silver-bordered cards.

    Top 8 “X” drops(1, then 2, then 3….)

  62. Top 8 Gruesome Encores?
    Top 8 cards to leave on Top with a Sensei’s Divining Top?

  63. How about top 8 legendary creatures (not exclusively for commander)? There has to be a few legendary creatures that saw constructed play outside of commander.

  64. I would love to see a top 8 “bad” cards. Cards that may have been usable in their block but just don’t make sense unless you understand why they could have been useful. E.G. Goatsnapper (gain control of target goat) which was usable in block because of shapeshifters, but doesn’t make sense outside of that particular scenario.

  65. I should clarify my suggestion on “Top 8 Best Standard Decks”. I don’t just want to hear a numbers report on which decks took up the biggest percentages of their respective metagame.

    Which decks do you genuinely feel were the best at what they did? The decks that really shook up the metagame, or the decks that were just so well constructed, so elegant, with such great synergy, you just had to play it.

  66. top 8 commanders for edh would be nifty but kind of akward to do. something about commander would be fantastic

  67. yeah, it has been said before – but fires of yavimaya definately deserves being mentioned. Don’t you guys remember getting annihilated by turn 1 birds of paradise, turn 2 fires, turn 3 blastoderm, turn 4 saproling burst? That was a big game as luis would say!

  68. Heh, top 8 GOLD cards, not GOLD-BORDERED cards, lol. I need to read more carefully. How about a top 8 UN-cards. That might be fun.

  69. Top 8 removal spells or Top 8 combat tricks could be fairly comical and interesting plus ripe for puns lol

  70. Top 8 Limited Bombs
    Top 8 most skill intensive cards
    Top 8 most misplayed cards
    Top 8 “almosts” or overrated cards

  71. Oooh
    Top 8 punts in competitive play! (“have any fast effects?”)
    Top 8 Cheats! (confirmed or unconfirmed, you gotta have a gold mine of stories here!)

  72. Definitely top 8 LSV draft videos, with links to each one of them so we can watch some Lorthos smash. Man was that hilarious. Also, top 8 decks of all time would be nice (although you can feel free to edit that to top 8 standard decks or whatnot). Also, top 8 funniest draft archetypes (dampen thought anyone?).

  73. slowlycrashing

    I vote for the following:
    Top 8 Limited Formats
    Top 8 PT/GP Top 8’s
    Top 8 Mechanics

  74. Top 8 Worst Cards That Luis Has Lost To In Constructed.

    (Just because I might account for half of that list.)

    Top 8 Reveillarkable Creatures.

    Top 8 Gifts Ungiven Packages
    (Actually….that one seems awesome!)

    Top 8 Constructed Flops
    (Cards that didn’t live up to the hype. See: Serra Avenger)

  75. Top 8 best magic foods
    Top 8 most powerful sets
    Top 8 most confusing cards
    Top 8 non-magic hobbies amongst the CF pros
    Top 8 best things about magic

  76. Top 8 Overhyped Cards during spoiler season
    Top 8 “Bears” or 2 drops with 2 power (2/2 or 2/1 seems fine)


  77. Top 8 orgasms from playing Tradewind Rider. For all I know they could all very well be mine.

  78. Top 8 limited formats
    Top 8 1-drops
    Top 8 2-drops
    Top 8 3-drops
    Let the debate ensue as to whether 1-drop means ‘1 mana card’ or ‘card that you actually want to play T1.’

  79. I guess that by ‘top 8 limited formats’ I really mean top 8 formats for sealed/draft. What’s most fun/skill intensive? Rank IPA against RAV block, or come out with a bold contention that block X draft was totally sweet as 2-set draft before the third set came and ‘ruined’ the block format.

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